Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have large swathes of grass that I both love and loathe. It looks fabulous when I've just cut it and it is the only exercise I take so is Good for me. But I always view the coming of winter with a sense of relief that I can put away the mower for six months and forget about it. But once in a while life on the lawn can get exciting. The dh looked out of the bedroom window the other day and said the dread words. The cows have got in.

We live in farming country and our land backs onto a field and we have cattle for neighbours. Sometimes cows with their calves, which I always love to see. But the calves grow up to be frisky young bullocks and they are a pest, always desperate to break through the fence and get at the lush stuff - because as we know, the grass is always greener on the other side. A quick phone call to the farm - there have been occasions in the past where they've leapt the front wall and gone galloping off down the road.

This time, they returned to the field without too uch fuss, but not before they ate the top of a rowan tree I've been nurturing for three years - it will survive but it's not going to be an elegant tree.

And my lawn - not of the bowling green variety, admittedly, but on which much sweat is expended every week in the summer - is now full of holes.

Monday, August 30, 2010


It's been a bit of a struggle to find these at eHarlequin but the lovely Penn, from the message board, has kindly explained how to do it.

Go to the ebookstore - select Harlequin RomanceM then click on "All Available". Scroll down to any of my books, click on the Liz Fielding link and lo, all 32 of my eBooks should appear. Just putting my name in the "search" box doesn't bring them all up, and I can't give you a link because it just breaks.

It's all deeply frustrating but at least this way does work.

Believe me, I just hate it when websites make you go through hoops to buy something.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of shoes - actually the identical pair to the yellow ones I've been wearing all summer and can't face having to give up for the winter; the new ones are deep blue.

I did it with three clicks.

Total bliss.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've finally run down a link my eBook backlist on eHarlequin. Lots and lots of older books that haven't been in print for a while, including Upper Haughton favourites like THE BACHELOR'S BABY, the appearance of Hector, the Trojan Hamster, in THE BILLIONAIRE TAKES A BRIDE and the chocolate addicted Dodie, in THE BRIDESMAID'S REWARD.

Here's a link I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works - it's being temperamental. If it doesn't work, go to the eBook store, type Liz Fielding in the search box and that should do it. Fingers crossed.

The link for Mobi and hand held computer versions is here

And for Sony here

Friday, August 20, 2010


Well, here's a thing! An entirely new way of getting a Liz Fielding fix!

SECRET BABY, SURPRISE PARENTS has been turned into an audio book by those lovely "Clipper" books people you see in the libraries.
Every single word of it - six discs.

It's hideously expensive, so obviously you'll want to put in a request at your local library, but meanwhile you can log onto the publisher's website and listen the a short extract here.

And if you can't place the lovely Maggie Ollerenshaw, who is reading my book, you might remember her best as the dithery Mavis from OPEN ALL HOURS.

And I've finally found out which of my books is being reprinted in GORGEOUS GROOMS.


Having sworn off men for good, Juliet has gone home - only to come face to face with Gregor McLeod. Greg has been number one of her wish-list since she was a teen. She's old enough for him to direct all that gorgeous, flirtatious sex-appeal in her direction these days but there are two problems with that -

1. She's sworn of men.
2. He's got a few secrets of his own.

The other two books in the anthology are Jackie Braun's HER STAND-IN GROOM and Natasha Oakley's ORDINARY GIRL, SOCIETY GROOM. A reading treat for me.

Friday, August 13, 2010


...of a writer's day, week, year is the arrival of foreign translations. Exotic covers. Different artwork. This week I've had SECRET BABY, SURPRISE PARENTS in Dutch, A WEDDING AT LEOPARD TREE LODGE in Italian and my absolute favourite of all foreign editions, a Japanese Manga edition of my 2005 Rita winning book, THE MARRIAGE MIRACLE.

My story, envisaged in manga-style artwork so that I can actually follow it.

Here's the Harlequin Comics website so you see just how gorgeous they all are.

THE MARRIAGE MIRACLE is now available as a Kindle Edition
in the UK and the US along with a range of backlist books that have been unavailable for some time. I hope they will be available in other formats - when I have a link I'll post it here.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I love Mills & Boon stuff.

I have a sweet little wallet made from the cover of The Temp & the Tycoon by Bookity which I carry everywhere. This is one for sale on her website.

I even have a jigsaw (awaiting a dull winter day to complete) and really wish Mills & Boon would produce a good quality mug for the inspiring cups of tea. Fine white china with the new logo - one of each series, maybe.

Maybe they should take a leaf out of the music business book and sell merchandise!

Clearly there is a taste for it.

Checking my Google Alerts this morning I found this sewing table that someone has made using old Mills & Boon covers.

If I had some room I would so love this!

The centre lifts off to store sewing materials - or in my case it would be writing stuff.

A secret place to tuck away drafts, research books, notebooks and all those pictures of gorgeous hunks. :)

For more pictures click here

And don't forget to check out the New Voices competition that Mills & Boon are running this autumn.

I'll be doing my bit with a chat and mini workshop at Carmarthen Library tomorrow (Monday 9th August 11 - 12.30). You'll find other workshop dates all over the country with M&B authors on the Romance Is Not Dead website

Sunday, August 01, 2010


As if I didn't have enough to do, I've got hooked on knitting again. I haven't done this in years. Not the kind of knitting with complicated instructions. In fact the last thing I knitted was a yards long Dr Who scarf for the first born. But then, this week, I passed a little shop that had wool in the window. And it called to me.

Maybe it's all part of being a grandmother. Here's the little sweetheart I'm knitting for -

And here's the pattern. A little bolero in a pale sagey green (babies wear such sophisticated colours these days!).

The back is done and one side.

Readers, I rhink I might be hooked.


Almost forgot. I'm giving a writing workshop on Monday 9th August, 11 am at Carmarthen Library. In case you're thinking of entering the New Voices competition and want to pick my brains.