Thursday, March 05, 2015

World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day by sharing a book that touched you heart - that you think everyone should read. Leave a comment on my Facebook page today -  I'll be drawing a winner for a $10 Amazon voucher!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Cover reveal...

A Stranger's Kiss has a pretty new over and this week, over at Smashwords, it's Read an E-Book Week, when  all my books are half price.

Go, fill your boots!

Here's the link

Monday, February 23, 2015

Affaire de Coeur - It's His Kiss

Do you remember Geli, from Tempted By Trouble and Anything But Vanilla? Well she's in Italy and she's in trouble.

Vettori's Damsel in Distress - that's Vettori over there! - out later this year, has reached the semi-final of the Affaire de Coeur "It's His Kiss" competition!

There's just one week left to vote!

This is my entry - 

‘Like this?’
She caught her breath as he raised her hand and, never taking his eyes from hers, touched his lips to the soft mound of her palm, just below the dressing he’d applied with such care.
‘Exactly like that,’ she managed through a throat that felt as if it had been stuffed with silk chiffon. ‘I’m not sure why it works—’
‘I imagine it’s to do with the application of heat,’ he said, his voice as soft as the second warm kiss her breathed into her palm. Her knees turned to water and her hand slid from his shoulder to clutch a handful of shirt. Beneath it, she could feel the thud of his heartbeat — a slow, steady counterpoint to her own racing pulse. ‘Is that hot enough?’
Was he still teasing? The threatened smile had never appeared but his mouth was closer. Much closer.
‘The more heat,’ she murmured, her words little more than a whisper, ‘the more effective the cure.’
‘How hot do you want it to be, Angelica?’ His voice trickled over her skin like warm honey and his eyes were asking the question that had been there since he’d turned and looked at her. Since he’d put his hand on hers and moved it across the map. Since his “permesso?” Her “prego”—
His hand was at her back, supporting her, his breath soft against her lips and her answer was to lift the hand he’d kissed, slide her fingers through his dark, silky hair. This close she could see that the velvet dark of his irises was shot through with tiny gold sparks, sparks that arc’d between them, igniting some primitive part of her brain—
‘Hot,’ she murmured. ‘Molto, molto caldo…’ and she touched his luscious lower lip with her mouth, her tongue, sucking in the taste of rich dark coffee that lingered there. Maybe it was the caffeine — on her tongue or on his —but as she closed her eyes and he angled his mouth to deepen the kiss, cradled her head, she felt a zingy hyper-tingle of heat lick through her veins, seep into her skin, warming her, giving her life.

You can vote here - it's just a two-click job. The button is just at the bottom of the page. Vettori will love you if you do. :)


Monday, February 16, 2015

It's His Kiss...

Two lovely bits of news this weekend!

My new Mills and Boon Cherish/Harlequin Romance, Vettori's Damsel in Distress - out later this year, has reached the semi-final of the Affaire de Coeur "It's His Kiss" competition!

If you'd like to read my entry and maybe vote, you can click here

The  voting panel is at the bottom of the page - it's just one click and then another to submit your entry.

Dante Vettori - this is him - will love you if you do!

And the second great piece of news is that For His Eyes Only, my last KISS, won the Cataromance Reviewers' Choice Award.

Doing the Snoopy dance here!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Last chance!

Last two days to grab the Beaumont Brides Collection at the very special price of 99c.

That's three full length (100,000 word) novels.

That's everywhere -

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The Beaumont Brides trilogy charts the loves of three women – Felicity Beaumont, Claudia Beaumont and Melanie Devlin.


Betrayed by a lover, her career in ruins, Fizz Beaumont devotes all her energy to restoring Broomhill Bay pier, using the old theatre as the home for the radio station that is her life.
The arrival of tycoon Luke Devlin, who has taken over her major sponsor, threatens not just her radio station but -- as he offers her a lesson in passion which promises to set the skies ablaze -- everything she holds dear.


With old secrets and past loves revealed, the story moves on to, Claudia who on the morning of a parachute jump for charity receives an anonymous letter warning her that she will not survive the jump.
Gabriel MacIntyre has no time for women like Claudia Beaumont. She's so beautiful that she takes his breath away and she's used to having any man she wants. Not him.
Claudia Beaumont has no time for men like Gabriel MacIntyre. Overwhelmingly arrogant, swift to leap to conclusions. He thinks he knows her, but he doesn't. And she doesn't give a damn. But when her life is threatened, Mac is the only person she can turn to for help and suddenly their bantering flirtation becomes so much more.


Melanie Devlin, tired of being treated like an airhead blonde, accepts a challenge from an old friend to prove that she’s made of sterner stuff. Within weeks she’s organising a revolution in the company she works for and falling for the dangerous, Jack Wolfe. Then Jack offers her a week in the West Indies as his pretend lover…
Jack Wolfe has no intention of letting Melanie Beaumont see how much he is attracted to her. He knows she's hiding something, and he's determined to discover the truth and a week on a tropical island is going to give him all the time he needs.