Friday, May 18, 2007

Hi everyone

Yes, it me again – Ellie – since Liz is still head down, battling with the final scenes of her latest book. Something unexpected came up that changed everything, as it does in books – believe me, this is something I know about first hand – which has meant going back and sorting out some stuff. She’s also blogging over at eHarlequin this month – she thought it was going to be for a week! – and so she’s asked me to tell you her news. Okay, here goes...

Remember this?

“...he caught her at the waist, lifting her, holding her to him as if she were the last woman on earth, while his mouth, hard, almost desperate, obliterated everything but the sensory seduction of his body; the silky sweep of his hair against her cheek, the touch of his fingers at her nape, the salty, dusty taste of his skin.

“And, finally, she understood the force that drove men and women to cross continents, conquer nations, give up their lives.”

It’s from THE SHEIKH’S GUARDED HEART and the really good news is that it’s on sale in Germany at the moment. There’s also a review and, possibly, an article Liz wrote on “The Sheikh” as hero for the German Loveletter Magazin. She’ll post it on her website at the end May when it’s updated, so that those of us who are a little rusty in German, can read it for ourselves.

The bad news -- and I’m in total agreement with Liz on this -- is the cover.

Gentle, reserved Lucy would never be seen dead in a dress like that. Liz was visiting with her recently when Han’s cousin Zahir was getting himself into a bit of bother – she’s going to be a real friend to Diana (THE SHEIKH’S UNSUITABLE BRIDE) – and believe me, she was not amused! Of course Han didn’t appear in a tux, either. But a tux is such a universally gorgeous item of clothing that it doesn’t matter. That dress, however, is something else...

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