Saturday, May 12, 2007


Theo, Dom (yes, we can call him Dom now than Alice has soothed the savage beast) and Max are all back from their honeymoons (some with more baggage than others!), and they had so much fun messing with our blogs last time that they want to do it again.

Over on Anne McAllister's blog, they've drummed up a new competition. Three simple questions, for three fabulous books.

This is just a single hander (Kate is busy organising celebrations for her 50th M&B and I have the purple shoe book to deliver), so just send your answers to Anne and she'll tell us who to send the books to. (I'm offering a copy of Ellie's book, or something from my backlist if -- bless you -- you've already bought THE SECRET LIFE OF LADY GABRIELLA.)

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Theo Savas said...

Thanks, Liz! Great to have your book. Anne keeps shooing me and my lovely bride out of the room so she can read about Ellie.

My advice to Ben, marry her. She's a keeper. Anne tells me so.

My bride likes those purple shoes, too. Maybe you and Anne and Kate should organize a purple shoe contest next. After this one, I'm taking the family and sailing off into the sunset (literally).