Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hi, it’s Ellie here again. Liz is totally up to her eyes with a looming deadline – and she’s blogging over at, too, about writing my story, so she’s asked me to drop by and tell you about the lovely new look that Mills & Boon series titles are getting in the UK and Australia this June. Just so you’ll know what to look out for, here’s a preview.

This is my very own Australian cover (that is so cool!) on sale down under in June – or now on the internet; there’s a link on the sidebar.

And this is Ally Blake’s totally gorgeous June UK cover for BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP.

Oh, and Liz says if any of you want the recipe that I very nearly messed up, then drop her an email with RECIPE in the subject line and she’ll send it to you. The way she makes it, it’s fabulous, I promise you.


Ally Blake said...

Hi Ellie! So glad you like my June cover. It looks exactly how I pictured my Tom and my Maggie in their beachside setting.

And I think you look very cheeky on the cover of yours too. I would have known you had a secret even if the title didn't tell me so.

Can't wait to read your tale!


liz said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, Ally, and I thought I looked so innocent!


Anne McAllister said...

It's a great read so far, Ellie. I'm enjoying my daily chapters!

ps: If you see Max Valentine, could you ask him to get in touch with Theo. Theo's organizing a new contest. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved, Theo...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ellie. Max got in touch. We'll put together a contest and offer your book if that's okay with Liz. If she'd rather SELL your book and give away a backlist copy, that's fine, too. I understand all about having to pay the bills!


Ellie said...

Hi Theo

Damn you're smart as well as the world's sexiest sailor! Martha is a lucky woman.

Liz thinks so, too. That you're smart. (Sexy goes without saying!) A pick from her backlist it is -- although not Max's book. They, apparently, have all gone. Whew...