Monday, April 16, 2007


I've just discovered -- it's a good idea to click on links and check them once in a while -- that my online read, THE CINDERELLA VALENTINE, is no longer "online". It has disappeared, gone, vanished into the ether. They used to stay there for years, but now these little stories have been rounded up to be sold as telephone downloads (for which the author does not get any money -- we were paid up front).

I do wish Harlequin would let authors know when this happens -- there's nothing more annoying for readers than clicking a link, hoping for a dollop of romance, only to discover that what you're hoping to find just isn't there any more.

I imagine that, sooner or later, like THE SECRET WEDDING, my Cinderella will be available as a phone download from eHarlequin. When that happens -- and they won't tell me when, I'll have to keep checking -- I'll let you all know.

In the UK, they've starting selling a few entire books as telephone downloads. I was interviewed on Radio 5 Live! about this on Easter Monday. All those people playing with their mobiles on the train, could now be reading a romance. I love that!

I've also removed the Mills & Boon link to BOARDROOM BRIDEGROOMS, because it's sold out.

Thank you all for that.

It is still available at Amazon, or The Book Depository, where they offer free delivery, and also in Borders in Fforestfach, Swansea.

I know, because I saw it there yesterday, where I also found NATURAL BORN CHARMER, the latest Susan Elizabeth Phillips, which cost £12.99 in trade paperback which is a scandal -- and frankly, I'd much rather have an ordinary paperback because it's easier to handle. But for SEP I'm prepared to suffer.

And today PURE PASSION is launched in Wigan by north-west libraries. Lucky readers in the north-west to have such a fabulous library service.


juliemt said...

Hi Liz,
I love SEP too and I found a copy of Match Me if You Can half price last week which made me extremely happy as SEP is just fantastic!

By the way, have you tried It's a fab website where you don't have to pay for the postage and the books are also reduced. Natural Born Charmer is out of the stock temporarily at the moment from the website, but it costs 9.99 from there which is quite a great bargain for a trade paperback.


Liz Fielding said...

I loved Matched Me If You Can, Julie. You've treat in store. Thanks for the tip about I'm always looking for ways to let the reader spend their hard-earned on the books, rather than postage!

Anne McAllister said...

You should have said. I could have sent you a regular sized paperback of Natural Born Charmer. It's a treat. You'll really enjoy it, I think.

Did you ever get your copy of The Creative Habit? Hope so.

Liz Fielding said...

What can I say, Anne? I was an impulse buy :)

And yes, the second copy of The Creative Habit arrived safely and I'm loving it, although I haven't been able to bring myself to scribble all over the pages yet. I'm up to the Egg. The big question now, is which book to take on the plane...