Thursday, April 19, 2007


I've just received my first Mills & Boon Email "Newsletter". If you haven't had one then you can click here and sign up.

Go on. You know it makes sense. :)

Actually, the main reason I'm so excited is that the adorable Lady Gabriella's story is "Book of the Month". She's already on sale online (there's a link on the sidebar) but she'll be out there, retail, next week, so do say hello to her when you're passing, pick her up if she's fallen behind the supermarket shelves; make her feel wanted.

The other good stuff is that I've finished the page proofs of The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride, which made a lot more sense after a gap of a few weeks. It's at the light and fluffy end of my range and is going to on sale in January 2008.

I've also just received hardback copies of Reunited: Marriage in a Million (August, 2007). Okay, the heroine doesn't look anything like Belle, who has short blonde hair with darker streaks, but it is a lovely cover. This book is not out the "light and fluffy" department and blurb very carefully avoids the heroine's major internal conflict, presumably not to scare anyone off. It's part of an amazing trilogy I've written with Barbara Hannay and Jackie Braun and I'll be telling you more about it soon.

But May is Lady Gabriella's month. I've already run a competition to give away a copy (when it's out there on the shelves I want you to buy it!), but I'll be running some kind of fun and frivolity with prizes from my back list next month. But first I'm taking a little break for, um, research.

Okay, here's a competition. I'll be away for a few days.

Look at this picture and tell me where I'm going.

Email your answer with "Picture" in the subject line and I'll draw the prizewinner on 31st April.

Whoever it is can pick a book from my back list.


Kate Walker said...

Have a wonderful holiday Liz - I hope you get sunshine and lots of time to read great books - and maybe come up with new ideas for more of your own wonderful novels


Michelle Styles said...

Have a great holiday Liz.

And I was really pleased to get the newsletter because for some rason I had thought Lady Gaberiella was out this month in retail. I spent several days looking for it, getting more and more frustrated...

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, guys.

Michelle, I was originally told Lady G was an April book, so you may have picked up on an earlier post before the book went up on Amazon and I realised it was May.

But thanks for looking!

Kate, this is my second research trip to this destination. Some places you just have to keep going back to check the details...

Anne McAllister said...

Have a great trip, Liz. I have Lady G on pre-order from Amazon. I'm looking forward to her arrival -- but first I have to finish the irritating Irishman!

Did you ever get your Twyla Tharp book?