Saturday, April 14, 2007


Last week, full of enthusiasm and excitement, I rushed off an order for Twyla Tharp's book, The Creative Life. It was despatched. It is out there. Somewhere. Fallen off the back of a truck, lying in hedge, mouldering. Dropped behind a ledge in some out of the way post office in the Welsh wilderness. Who knows?

Some day, some time -- probably years from now -- when the envelope has rotted away, it will found by some unsuspecting soul, who, hopefully, will open it and begin to read the wisdom it contains. Maybe it will change their life. Or maybe they'll just toss it in the bin.

Meanwhile the bookshop have despatched another copy.


Here, belatedly, is the final selection from the north-west libraries PURE PASSION promotion, which is launched on Monday.

HUSBANDS by Adele Parks

Bella secretly married her childhood sweetheart, Stevie, over a decade ago; two big kids playing at being grownups. When it all unravelled and reality hit, Bella simply got up and left. The secret remained a secret. It’s just a silly piece of paper, lodged at a registrar’s office in Aberdeen, isn’t it?


Set in the beautiful, wild landscape of Wycoming where cowboys live, as they have done for generations, Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar are two ranch hands, brought up to hard work and privation, glad to have found each other’s company. But companionship becomes something else on Brokeback Mountain.

A FAMILY OF HIS OWN by Liz Fielding

Kay is a single parent living in a village with her illegitimate daughter and desperately trying to earn a living as a gardener.

Dominic has returned to the dusty house and overgrown garden, five years after his beloved wife died.

This grips from page one with real and vibrant characters.

(That's what they said. I'm just quoting. Honest.)

For a full list of authors and titles being recommended as part of this initative or, if you’d like to recommend your own favourite romantic read to others, follow the link to Pure Passion on Time to Read


Anne McAllister said...

I guess I would console myself thinking that Royal Mail (or is that Royal Maul?) has simply done something creative with The Creative Habit.

Hope the new one arrives soon, Liz.

Liz Fielding said...

The second book arrived with yesterday's post. The Book Depository have definitely earned themselves repeat business!

I hope the Royal Mail read the other copy (all of them) and inwardly digest all the good stuff in Ms Tharp's book.