Monday, December 15, 2014

Take one cowboy, one tycoon and two desperate women...

This is the best fun! A book share with my best online buddy, Donna Alward is released in the United States today.

A Deal at the Altar is a two-in-one containing two marriage of convenience stories - Donna's cowboy romance HIRED BY THE COWBOY (originally published in 2007) and my UK/Dallas based romance, SOS: CONVENIENT HUSBAND REQUIRED (originally published 2010).

Here are the blurby bits -

Hired By the Cowboy

Alexis Grayson is good at looking after herself - she's been doing it all her life. So what if she's alone and pregnant? She'll cope But gorgeous cowboy Connor Madsen seems determined to take care of her. And Alexis can help him - he needs a temporary wife; she needs somewhere to live until the baby's born. A short-term marriage will solve all their difficulties!

SOS: Convenient Husband Required

May Coleridge must marry before she's thirty to inherit her family home and keep her new business afloat.

Adam Wavell comes from a long line of wastrels—but he's turned his life around. He's a corporate success story and a pillar of the community. Only, now his flaky sister has left him with her screaming baby! 

A deal must be done. May will help Adam with his niece if he'll answer her SOS!

Some reviews for Hired By the Cowboy
A story that will have you crying one minute and hoping that the love of two people can survive through anything. If you like a OLD fashion romance then read a good book by Donna Alward and you will have trouble putting the book down. A must read for any of the avid readers. I enjoyed the story immensely and friends would find anytime this book to read. ... a reader at Amazon

"...sincere, sweet, romantic, having all of the elements which make a great love story!" --Pink Heart Society Reviews

Some reviews for SOS: Convenient Husband Required

"This is a great summer fun read! I don’t think anyone but Liz Fielding could make this theme work or work so well. The story is part ‘baby on the doorstep’ (desktop), part ‘poor boy to rich boy’, part Jane Austen style entailment caused ‘marriage of convenience’ and for good measure there’s a touch of ‘thriller- adventure’ to give the story a dash of life and death drama. I guess you can do this after you’ve written over sixty books!" from a review posted by an member,

This was a great story of a love lost that is found again. A baby and archaic will help May and Adam realize that they always had one another but they just didn't know it! Angie at Goodreads

Here are the links -

Amazon US
Barnes and Noble

I'm sorry that there's no KOBO link, but they won't let me link to the US site from the UK, however if you click on the link in the sidebar I have no doubt it will take you to your home market.


Katrina Epperson said...

Sounds like a wonderful read.
Merry Christmas

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Katrina. I'm so thrilled to be sharing with Donna.

Merry Christmas to you, too. :)

LeAnne Bristow said...

This book(s) sounds amazing! Can't wait to read it!

Liz Fielding said...

Cheers, LeAnne! Merry Christmas. :)