Thursday, August 08, 2013

Movie Casting

Today my guest is Nina Harrington, who writes contemporary romance for Kiss and Modern Tempted and has just added crime (with tons of romance) to her oeuvre!

Welcome, Nina...

One of the delights of creating romantic fiction is exploring how your fictional hero can encapsulate all of the qualities you are looking for in your ideal man.

Is he dark, fair, tall or stocky? Perhaps he is an adventurer, a cowboy or a sheik, sinewy and athletic, or a powerful company executive resplendent in designer suits with a private jet on standby to whisk your away to a tropical island?

And then you have to create a heroine which will match your hero and make him work past the instant attraction to recognise the one woman he needs more than he wants.

But now it is time to let you into a secret many romance authors share. A passion which involves “inspirational” head and body photos of celebrities, actors, sportsmen and women from TV, stage and most of all cinema

Yes. I am talking about movie casting!

Do you create visual impressions of the characters as you read a book? I do.

And how often are you disappointed when that book is filmed and the actor is nothing like the person you had imagined?

Who would you chose to play the parts of your hero and heroine in the movie of the book that you are reading or writing?

I had such fun choosing actors to play in my romantic mystery set in an Italian delicatessen. 

Recipe for Disaster’ is a fun contemporary romance with a feisty Irish-Italian heroine and a hot Italian bad boy lawyer. Not much in common – except their love of good food.


PrincessFiona01 said...

I even hate it when the book cover doesn't match the hero as I imagine him from the description. Movies I always embrace with a grain of salt and low expectations.

www, said...

I agree Movie and TV representations of literary characters are often disappointing.

I use Pinterest boards for inspiration to show how I see my characters and settings.

LeAnne Bristow said...

I just got "Recipe for Disaster" courtesy of winning it on an earlier blog here and am loving it!!! I have such a weakness for Italian men :)