Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At his command...Whatever he needs... The Nanny

Jacqui Moore is on the run - from her emotions - until she meets little orphaned Maisie and is railroaded into becoming her nanny! But the master of the house, Harry Talbot, also steals Jacqui's heart. And now there's nowhere to run...

Feisty redhead Prudence Winslow is down to her last cent when she meets Ryan Kaelan, a real-life prince, and his motherless children who need her. Pru takes the job, thinking it wBasn't Ryan's jaw-dropping sexiness that convinced her...

Max Saunders is shocked to discover he has twin sons. He needs a nanny; Phoebe Gilbert doesn't relish the thought of living with Max, but the boys want her! Max thinks Phoebe could be a convenient wife. Will she marry him for the twins...?

It's always fun to see a favourite book re-issued. This one is my "Jack & the Beanstalk" story, with Maisie, a gorgeous little diva, driving the plot.

It's available from this weekend, retail, at Mills and Boon and at Amazon - both in paper and as an eBook download.

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