Friday, February 01, 2013

First Page Friday - HITCHED!

Today's First Page Friday comes from one of the brand new KISS series that has just been launched in the US and this is by one of my own favourite authors, Jessica Hart.

Here's the blurb:

Engineer Frith is a woman with a plan, and it doesnt include weddings of any kind.  But when shes roped into organizing a hen party for her spoilt half-sister, she ends up relying more than she wants on her annoying neighbour George and before long a wedding doesnt seem quite such a terrible idea after all.

Here's the first page:

I WAS having a good day until George Challoner turned up. 
It had rained almost every day since I had arrived in Yorkshire, but that morning I woke to a bright, breezy day.  By some miracle Audrey had started first time, and I hummed as I drove along the country lanes lined with jaunty daffodils to Whellerby Hall.
When I arrived at the site, Frank, the lugubrious foreman, had even smiled, a first.  Well, his face relaxed slightly in response to my cheery greeting, but in my current mood, I was prepared to count it a smile.  Progress, anyway.  
The ready-mixed concrete arrived bang on time.  I stood and watched carefully as the men started pouring it into the reinforced steel raft for the foundations.   They clearly knew what they were doing, and I had already checked the quality of the concrete.  After a frenzied couple of weeks, I could tell Hugh that the project was back on schedule. 

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Anne said...

This new Kiss series looks fabulous. I've already read Kelly Hunter's book, and it was brilliant! Now I'm waiting on Jessica's book to arrive. I love her books, and this one looks great.

Pamela Hartshorne said...

Kelly's book was indeed brilliant - really powerful stuff. Have to say that Hitched! is at the opposite and lighter end of the scale, but a series has to have range, right?

Jessica Hart said...

Oh, dear ... getting into a muddle with my split identity again. The comment above was supposed to be from Jessica Hart ... one of these days I'll get it all under control!