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Baby On Board

Baby on Board

Liz Fielding / Patricia Thayer / Raye Morgan

By Request
March 2013

Secret Baby, Surprise Parents

Grace McAllister thought being her sister's surrogate would be a selfless act. When tragedy strikes, Josh rushes to take care of Grace and baby Posie. He's been running from this all his life, but could this woman, this baby, be his family?

Her Baby Wish

When their name is finally at the top of the adoption list, Kira and Trace McKane begin to find a way back to each other after drifting apart. Looking up at her husband as if for the first time, Kira realises she has all the family she needs. It's then that she's given a miracle...

Keeping Her Baby's Secret

Cameron Van Kirk. Popular and gorgeous, he was always out of her league. Now he's back after ten years and he's telling Diana - who is pregnant and alone - that he wants to help her. Diana Collins can't believe she's hearing these words from her former secret crush...

Here's an excerpt...

Josh Kingsley looked up at the majestic sight of Everest, pink in a freezing sunset. 

He’d come here looking for something, hoping to recapture a time when he and his brother had planned this trip to Base Camp together.  Older, a little wiser, he could see that it had been his big brother’s attempt to distract him from his misery at their parents divorce. 

It had never happened.  Now he was here alone but for the Sherpa porters, drawn to make this pilgrimage, take a few precious days out of a life so crowded by the demands of business to be entirely on his own.  To find a way to come to terms with what had happened.   

Now, overcome with the sudden need to talk to him, share this perfect moment, make his peace with the only member of his immediate family he cared about he peeled off his gloves, took out the BlackBerry that he’d switched off three days ago. 

Ignoring the beep signalling messages – work could wait, this wouldn’t – he scrolled hurriedly through his numbers.  Too hurriedly.  The slender black miracle of computer technology slipped through fingers rapidly numbing in the thin atmosphere.  And as if he, too, was frozen, he watched it bounce once then fly out across a vast chasm, not moving until the heard the faint sound of it shattering a thousand feet below.

When he finally looked up, the snow had turned from pink to grey and as the cold bit deeper he shivered. 

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