Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's time for the fabulous annual event that is the Brenda Novak Charity Auction.

Over the last few years, best-selling author, Brenda Novak has raised over a $1,000,000 for research into Diabetes with a lot of help from her friends in the "romance" industry.  There will be fabulous lots, some of them going for many thousands of dollars.  Exciting "quick" auctions throughout the month.

There are also a lot more modest items on offer.  Lots of authors offering advice to unpublished writers, hundreds of signed books to be snapped up for a small sum.  As a member of the PINK HEART SOCIETY, my individual lot is listed on their special page, where you'll find signed books from other Harlequin authors and some very pretty jewellery. 

The truly exciting lot on the page, though, is a Kindle donated by HARLEQUIN ROMANCE authors, fully loaded with more than a dozen books - worth around $60 by themselves.

We've put this together as a treat for one lucky fan - so if you're thinking about buying a Kindle anyway, this will give you the added joy of ensuring that the money you pay will go to a very worthwhile cause.

Click PINK HEART SOCIETY and start bidding!


Jessica Hart said...

The Kindle is a great prize - and with so many wonderful stories pre-loaded as an extra bonus! Here's hoping it will raise lots of money for a really good cause.

Vince said...

Hi Liz:

I think Brenda Novak shows how much one person can cause to happen for the good. This always amazes in every case where I see it happen. And yet…