Thursday, February 17, 2011


In these cash-strapped times, when every penny counts, I just noticed that BECOMING THE TYCOON'S BRIDE is on sale at The Book Depository for a very cheap £2.09 - that's 25% off, with free worldwide delivery.

Someone asked me recently if this was for real.  Could they trust them.  Well, I use them.  A lot.  I especially like the fact that they accept Paypal which is so easy and means I don't have to fill in a load of stuff.  I have just placed an order in fact, which is how I found this deal.  And friends in the US and Australia use them all the time.

This book is a US release containing my novella, CHOSEN AS THE SHEIKH'S WIFE, which was written a couple of years ago and published a couple of years ago in the 100 ARABIAN NIGHTS anthology in the UK and Australia.

I don't want you buying something you've already read!

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Lacey Devlin said...

I LOVE the book depository. Until they arrived I'd pay for the book again (sometimes more!)in postage. BD means more books for me!