Sunday, November 15, 2009


Not much to report this week. Outside the weather has deteriorated to something pretty nasty in the way of rain and wind, which is keeping the painter at home beside the fire. (Maybe I should just mention that CHRISTMAS ANGEL FOR THE BILLIONAIRE is now retail in the States and available online from Mills & Boon in Australia since I imagine that it's book news that most of you are looking for!)

The "elf" hit a snag which has kept the brain in a bit of a turmoil to match the weather, although I'm finally coming out at the far side with a faint promise of plot "light" and I'm now having a lot of fun gathering "Christmas" pictures .

I also made an early batch of mince pies -- purely as inspiration, you understand. :)

Sadly, the forecast suggests the weather is not going to let up -- annoying as I'm travelling to London this week for the launch of LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT and already the trains have been disrupted, no doubt by flooding in one of the tunnels we have to go through.

Fingers crossed that by Wednesday the rain will have eased off since I've blown all my airmiles on a gorgeous hotel in the Covent Garden area of London and have pre-booked tickets for the Montezuma exhibition at the British Museum. (Who knows, I might get inspired to write a hot South American hero!)

In an effort to get the stalled plot wheels spinning, I read non-stop this week. Sara Craven's THE COUNT'S BLACKMAIL BARGAIN, was terrific, as was Julie Cohen's GIRL FROM MARS (5* read). I also started Brian Freemantle's THE NAMEDROPPER, but dropped it after the first line when he used "disinterested" instead of "uninterested". (We all make gaffs that make us blush, but where was his editor? His copyeditor?) But I have Kate Hardy's latest posh doc -- FALLING FOR THE PLAYBOY MILLIONAIRE (a new Penhally Bay story) -- to keep me thrilled.

I'll be back next week to report on my trip (assuming I get through the tunnel). Meanwhile, it's just me and the elf and a large number of "whys" yet to be answered. Watch this space :)


Jan Jones said...

See you at the launch, Liz!

Snookie said...

Hope you get through the tunnel ok Liz :) We've got lots and lots of rain too, but I'm betting ours is a lot warmer :)

Lacey Devlin said...

I love that elf boot! I also now feel like I need mince pies. I want to wear the boots and eat mince pies :P. Good luck with the weather!