Friday, November 13, 2009


This is Bernard. He is a rescue cat and so cannot leave any opportunity for food to go untaken. This week he has been very, very bad. While the dd's back was turned, he ate half the broccoli soup.

When the dd told me, my first reaction was not "bad Bernard!", but "broccoli soup?" Who would choose to eat broccoli soup? What can I say, I loathe all things brassica. Anyway, Bernard, (bad boy Bernard!), ate half the broccoli soup.

This is Nigel. Another rescue cat. While Bernard has the look of a rogue about him, Nigel looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, doesn't he? Appearances can be deceptive -- especially where cats are concerned. Whilst the dd was chasing off Bernard, Nigel took his chance and polished off the rest of the soup.

These are two very disturbed cats. :)


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Kate Hardy said...

Liz, I can just imagine the bedlam and it made me smile.

Broccoli soup? A cat?? Our dog will eat broccoli, but only if it's mixed up with the rest of his Christmas dinner. (Yup. He gets turkey and veg, too, and loves it.) Otherwise you get The Look (translated as, "Are you trying to tell me the kids polished off all the roast and didn't leave me ANY? Is this IT?")

Michelle Styles said...

It will have been the cream in the soup. Possibly there was cheese.

But those are wonderful pictures...

Liz Fielding said...

That doesn't explain Nigel's addiction to frozen peas though, Michelle. He hoovers them up when they get spilled and he prefers them actually frozen.

Liz Fielding said...

Kate, these cats are a menace around anything edible. :)

Caroline Storer said...

Bernard - great name for a cat - it made me laugh as my dad is a Bernard! But judging from the photo if Bernard could speak it would be something like..."What's the fuss all about? It was only broccoli soup for goodness sake. It's not as if I pinched the salmon or something!" And as for Nigel (again a great name for a cat) he's thinking, "Ummm. This household is just tooooo much." Take care. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Oh my gosh! The hilarity! Poor dd! I've never had a pet that would touch the greens, I've been given many disgusted looks for even offering them. My pets are probably about as healthy as I am... :P

Liz Fielding said...

None of my cats would touch greens either, Lacey. Maybe it's the stealing that makes them more appealing. But those guys went through nightmares before they were rescued. One of Bernard's ears is practically chewed off and he had no fur when he was taken in by the Cat Protection people.

Liz Fielding said...

Hi Caroline

Bernard and Nigel are definitely characters, but unlike the fish did not get named after Greek gods. I suspect that Nigel would have preferred something rather more in keeping with his status -- Apollo, for instance :).

Nina said...

I love those cat pics Liz. The closest escape my MIL's rescue cat had was when he was caught with his paw in the frying pan spearing a cumberland sausage!
While sitting on the electric hob!
And yes, there was the smell of burning fur.
You have to love them, but..
Many thanks for the mention about Freebie Friday. I am really delighted that my debut book for the Romance Line is featured in this promotion and can't wait to have some feedback from new readers.
Now, off to clear the leaves after a very wet and windy night! LOL

Lois said...

Wow, cats eatting broccoli. Kind of want to say bad kitties, but then again, no. LOL Sure, I'll eat broccoli if I must, but if I have extra, oh, if only my cat would eat it. LOL :) But love the pictures! :)


Michele L. said...

What lovely pix of your cats Liz! I am allergic to cats but still love them anyway! :-)

They ate your broccoli soup?! I can't imagine. We used to have a dog named Daisy who was a Shnoodle. Part Schnauzer, part poodle. My brother found her and brought her home. She was skinny, dirty and hungry. We absolutely loved her! We would feed her leftovers and mix vegetables in her food. She would pick out each and every pea and push them to the side. She would not touch a single one!

Now my mom has a dog named Mickey who is a minature dachsund. He is all black with little brown eyebrows. So cute! He eats everything! He loves raw carrots especially. It's funny the different things animals eat!