Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's always a thrill to get a foreign edition in the post, but I'm always especially thrilled to see a Dutch translation of my books.

Family ties take me to the Netherlands fairly regularly and I do feel a special affinity with the country, so it was a particular delight to spot this one on the Harlequin Netherlands website, a 3-in-1 containing reprints of The Bachelor's Bab, His Personal Agenda and The Bridesmaid's Rewards (the one with all the chocolate).

The French have been busy publishing "Liz Fielding" this summer, too. They've published 100 Arabian Nights (with Meredith Webber and Kim Lawrence), this gorgeous volume, containing The Ordinary Princess.

There are a couple of other stories available in France this month, including The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride, in the Horizon series.

And in Italy they've just issued Secret Baby, Surprise Parents, and this lovely Christmas anthology is also available for the holidays.

Right now, I'm working hard on a book due this month, but I'll be back soon to introduce Annie and Lydia, the two heroines of my TRADING PLACES duet and -- obviously -- there'll be a competition, so watch out for that. :)

Inthe meantime, here's what Romantic Times has to say about Annie's book, available now online and retail next month, CHRISTMAS ANGEL FOR THE BILLIONAIRE:

A delicate blending of fantasy and reality, this story has everything, including a difficult but irresistible hero and a clever, gutsy heroine who's in every way his match. 4.5 stars

And today a reviewer at All About Romance said about my books --

There is a quality to her writing that pleases me – she lets dialogue stand for itself without cluttering it with speech tags and the sentences roll off each other in the best tradition of understated British prose; her stories are tasteful fairy tales with moderately stiff upper lips.

And of Christmas Angel --

A fairy tale with slick writing and gentle humour.


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I buy most all my regencys from Amazon UK because I prefer their covers.
Continued success.

Lacey Devlin said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely covers!

Liz Fielding said...

Simone, I love my US covers and I do like that Dutch one. The French Azur is lovely, too.

I have to admit a particular fondness for the covers where my name is at least as large as the title!

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations on the wonderful reviews Liz -and I had to smile at the Dutch cover - it is the same photo on the cover of my Romance 'Always the Bridesmaid' - and I love it too. LOL

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely cover and well-deserved review. I *loved* Christmas Angel. Believeable hero/heroine/situation, dialogue I wish I could write, wonderful secondaries, and the perfect ending. I do hope RT made it a Top Pick, too :o)

Michele L. said...

That is so cool Liz seeing your books in another language! I like the cover too! Congratulations on your continued success!

Caroline Storer said...

Hi Liz. Your covers look *great*. It must be a real buzz when you get to see all your foreign translations and know that you are read around the world. How cool is that!? Take care. Caroline x

Napier John said...

I knew I'd seen tht cover before, Nina. You'll get used to seeing your own cover on other books!

Annie West said...


Your foreign editions look so scrumptious. No wonder you're thrilled to receive them.

Congratulations on the latest review. I'll look forward to the book!