Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And to keep you busy, while I'm holding my heroine's hands as she says "I do" (she doesn't!), click here for a jigsaw of the cover of Christmas Angel for the Billionaire.

Just alittle bit of fun to keep you all out of mischief. :)


Kate Hardy said...

Liz, that's genius. How did you discover this? (Actually, no, don't tell me until after my deadline!)

Loved, loved, LOVED the book. Great hero, great heroine, realistic plot, dialogue I wish I could write half as well, and your secondaries are always so brilliantly drawn. I hope RT gave you a Top Pick for it, because it deserved it.

Sharon said...


Philippa said...

What fun,thanks.It took me 3 mins and 32 secs !