Sunday, May 10, 2009


A very happy Mother's Day to everyone I know. It's such a special day, when we honour our own mother's and get made a fuss of ourselves. At least I did back in March when we had Mothering Sunday in the UK. Now it's the turn of everyone else out there. Joy to you all.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. A lie in, a slow leisurely breakfast with the dh. This morning I was sitting there, dipping the toast soldiers into the lightly boiled egg -- as you do -- and listening to Broadcasting House on Radio 4 when I suddenly found myself listening to extremely talent author and all round great woman, Kate Hardy. She was talking about ... blogging! And Antonio Banderas. And her fabulous new sheikh romance Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh -- more of which here.

After that, well the sun was shining and some plants I bought weeks ago were desperate for more space so I've spent the rest of the morning in the garden working up a sweat. Potting the antirrynums -- I'm sure that's not how you spell it -- and Sweet Williams. Moving an astilbe to a place where it will be happier and a fern, ditto, to the wood. Then I went a little bit crazy with the loppers -- the frosts caused so much damage this winter.

It's been a busy week. I've been driving all over the place and the hedgerows are absolutely stunning at the moment. The hazel hedges are a buzz of fresh green, and the banks below them absolutely filled with bluebells, buttercups, cow parsley and red campion. Apparently there are violets, too, according to the dd who actually went out for a walk last weekend. I'm just enjoying the ones in the garden.

Spring is absolutely, totally here. Bliss.


Donna Alward said...

Here is is the magnolias and forsythia creating all the colour. We put out our apple trees today too and I love looking out and seeing them there - they even have few blooms starting to open. And the dh's mini rhododendron has blossomed.

So have the black flies.

It is spring. :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Liz (and for telling me, because I missed it!).

Our hedgerows have greened up nicely, too - no campion here, but definitely bluebells. I'm squeaking to go back to Foxley. And the rhododendrons should be out at Blickling (definite sqeueaks from me to revisit).

Liz Fielding said...

My rhodies and azaleas are gorgeous now, too, Kate. I have one by the front door that is practically neon it's so vivid!

Donna, our magnolias and forsythia are over now, but I've seen apple blossom.

I'm treating the slugs to finest Colombian coffee grounds. Apparently it makes them dance!

Snookie said...

LOL Liz, it's anthuriums. My husband grew them for 10 yrs and we had them everywhere. Still have some of them in the yard. I especially like the deep reds, but my husband bred some pretty interestig speckled one's that are still in the market after 10 yrs.

Liz Fielding said...

Snookie, I looked it up just now and it's Antirrhinums -- also known in the UK as "bunny rabbit" flowers. Lovely spikes of flowers that, if you squeeze them, open up like a little bunny mouth. Gorgeous colours. Mine need some sun!