Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Heaving Bosoms: A Tonic for the Recession?

That's not actually my headline -- I've never written a heaving bosom in my life -- but a report on "...a unique two day symposium which promised to take romance fiction seriously. Bringing together scholars, romance writers, and reviewers, the symposium's specific focus would be "the multiple ways that romance novels--long the most maligned of literary texts--can provide rich critical insight for the study of American culture, politics, and society..." that took place at Princeton, no less, as reported on The Huffington Post

It's a really interesting post, debunking myths galore. I particularly liked the conclusion that the only thing most romance readers have in common is that they like reading romance. And it also addresses the reasons why, in bad times, sales of romantic fiction rise.


Fresh Fiction wrote this about Grace and Josh's story.

"Liz Fielding is like taking a breath of fresh air. I usually don't choose Harlequin Romances for a personal read. But I'm glad I got this book. It's a classic romantic tale with many twists and turns. You know the saying 'a picture says a thousand words', well the title of this novel SECRET BABY, SURPRISE PARENTS says a thousand words. I expected a great read and got an exceptional read. The conflict and the chemistry are on every single page. The characters are charming and full of wit. Once you read this book I promise you'll be in awe."

You can read the whole thing here while I go off to work whistling with a big, silly grin on my face.


Jan Jones said...

Great review, Liz! You deserve every inch of that big grin.

Kate Hardy said...

Very well deserved review, Liz. The book is excellent.

Penn said...

I'm glad that some reviewers can actually put into words what so many of us luuuuvvvv about your books. :)

As for the intellectual approach to romances, I check in on TEACH ME TONIGHT (a blog) weekly. Often quite interesting.

Keep grinning Liz!! You deserve it for so many books! :)

Penn, very happy for you

Snookie said...

Wow what a review, and so deserving too! Glad you have a big grin on your face :)