Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It's a fact and one that all writers quickly learn.

In my case it probably had more to do with giving up the day job -- brisk walk there and back -- and the teens growing up and moving on so that I wasn't constantly on my feet chasing around after them. And getting to that age where weight seems to creep up in a stealth attack that you don't notice until you're suddenly wondering who's standing on the scales with you.

But there is apparently a scientific reason -- something to do with the brain getting hungry. You can check out the full story on Tess Gerritsen's blog, here.

I'll be pounding the wii...


You may have heard of the horrendous temperatures and bush fires raging in south-east Australia. Several Harlequin Romance authors live in this area, so please spare a thought for them and their families.


On a more cheerful note, I've just received this review and a very thrilling 4.5 stars, for SECRET BABY, SURPRISE PARENTS from ROMANTIC TIMES.

"Multi-layered characterizations, a potent conflict and some very special twists on reader favorite plot elements make this story a joy from beginning to end."

So all the blood, sweat and tears -- this was not, not, not an easy book -- was, apparently, worth it.

It'll be retail in April, but will be available online in March, in both paper and eBook formats, from millsandboon.co.uk and eHarlequin.com

And finally, finally

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Snookie said...

that's really sad what's happening with those fires. I heard at least one of the fires is confirmed arson. I hope they find the person(s) that did it. Whole towns are burning down and the death toll is rising. All we can do from away is pray for all of them.