Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Nick Jago again. It seems that Anne, Kate and Liz are all too busy to stop by and remind you that the HERE COMES THE GROOMS (that would be Santos, PJ and me) competition ends today.

Liz, I have to tell you, is pleading work, but she has taken to downloading books on her PC and reading them when everyone thinks she working.

Santos, that must be some story you've got there because she appears to be glued to that laptop. My ex stole my work, which was bad enough, but I can't wait to find out how the Montague's got away with your money. Or how you got away with the girl!

For those of you out there who also want to know, and who haven't already entered the competition, this is your last chance to win all three of the following books.

First up is Anne McAllister's hero, P J Antonides in her book Antonides' Forbidden Wife.

No one knew PJ Antonides had a wife!

Sometimes PJ barely remembered it himself. He'd married Ally Maruyama in another lifetime on the other side of the world. He'd been doing her a favor then. They'd both moved on.

Now Ally is back! And she says she wants a divorce. Suddenly PJ wants anything but . . .

Ally isn't sure she trusts PJ or these new ideas of his. And heaven help her if she falls in love with him all over again!

Groom # 2 is Kate Walker's Santos Cordero in Cordero's Forced Bride. Alexa Montague is mortified. She's had to call off her sister's wedding, and now the ruthless, arrogant groom, Santos Cordero, is demanding that shy, ugly duckling Alexa, takes her sister's place!

The Montague's have stolen his money and his convenient bride, so Santos will enjoy taking Alexa instead. For Santos does not - cannot - love. But his body burns for Alexa as it has for no other woman before. He'll keep her captive in his bed until she's begging to be his.

And finally Groom # 3, is yours truly Nick Jago in Wedded in a Whirlwind.

Trapped in the dark, certain she's about to die, Miranda Grenville believes things can't get worse. She's wrong. She's trapped with Nick Jago...

Okay, you've had a taste of what's in store for three lucky winners of these three books. Now here's what you have to do.

There are three questions and to win you have to answer all the questions and email your answers to Anne, to Kate and to me. Each of us will pick a winner and that winner will get a copy of each of the these books.

Here are the questions:

1. PJ left New York after he graduated from high school. Where did he go?
2. Who was Santos supposed to be marrying?
3. What scent did Jago recognise?

You'll find the answers in excerpt on our websites and you've got until January 21 to send in your answers.

Got it? You'll find "contact me" links on all our websites. Use those to email us -- all three of us with all three answers, don't forget. And good luck!


Snookie said...

LOL Liz sounds like me... reading on my computer instead of working... but now I am really behind because i decided to take time off to watch the inauguration which was well worth it!

Dena said...

I think all the books sound really great and thanks for the reminder Nick.