Friday, January 16, 2009


Nick Jago here again to eat humble pie.

Liz is still locked in the deadline cave but she's read PJ's book, Antonides' Forbidden Wife and said I've been too hard on him. Apparently he's funny, smart, sexy and NOT FORGETFUL. In fact she thinks he's a man in a million, and okay, having taken a peek myself I'm ready to admit that I was a little quick to jump on the guy. But don't blame me for getting the wrong end of the stick. Take it up with whoever wrote the book blurb.

In the meantime I've been ordered to read Kate's book, Cordero's Forced Bride. Santos has already left a message to tell me I've got that all wrong, too. What can I say, guys? When you're in London, the drinks are on me.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Michael's scratching and apparently it's my job to check his hair for nits.

Just talk amongst yourselves, or take part in the competition. Here's what you have to do: --

There are three questions and to win you have to answer all the questions and email your answers to Anne, to Kate and Liz. All three of them.

Each of them will pick a winner and that winner will get a copy of Cordero's Forced Bride, Antonides' Forbidden Wife and Wedded in a Whirlwind.

Here are the questions:

1. PJ left New York after he graduated from high school. Where did he go?
2. Who was Santos supposed to be marrying?
3. What scent did I recognise?

You'll find the answers in excerpt on their websites -- you'll find "contact" links there -- and you've got until January 21 to send in your answers.


P J Antonides said...

Nits? ye gods, man. Dip the kid in something quick! Shave his head. Kid will look tough until it grows out, but hey, he sounds like a guy who can handle it.

Tell Liz she's a winner! I'm glad she liked the book -- and me and Ally. Of course you know Anne thought you were the "bee's knees" or some damn thing. Anyway, she says you weren't completely blotto -- and you had a reason to be drowning your sorrows. Not to mention that you came up aces when necessary for Miranda. Good job, pal.

Snookie said...

LOL, when I read 'bout the nits, all I could think of was "uku" checks in school! Yup, elementary school in Hawaii, we all had to undergo headlice checks by teachers and parent assistants that came at us with pencils to lift our hair and look for them!

Liz Fielding said...
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Nick said...

I passed your suggestion to Manda, PJ, but she wasn't entranced with the idea of a bald-headed page boy. There are gentler ways of dealing with the problem these days and it's fixed.

Liz, who has encountered this problem first hand, tells me that her most cherished memory is of a Stepford Wife neighbour - with her perfect children who never appeared to get dirty - having to come and ask if she had a bottle of the lotion-that-dare-not-speak-its-name that she could borrow.

She is not proud that even after 25 years it still makes her grin.

Snookie said...

Oh, Nick, tell Liz she cracks me up! I would still be smiling too! I got them about 25 yrs ago as an adult from a child of 7 and my hair was down to my waist! It was not fun getting rid of the darn things!