Saturday, June 28, 2008


I had this warning that my Clustr map was about to be archived (obviously there comes a point at which it would be totally red!) and so I've just been to take a fond look at it, remind myself where all my visitors come from.

Most of you are from the States. That's not surprising. It's a big country with a huge population and lot of wonderful women who love to read romance. I've been to the US three times -- Washington, Denver and New York. The dh is desperate to make a trip, but he's just bought a new computer so it won't be just yet. There are a lot of visitors from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, too.

Some places are surprising. The Sudan, for instance. And Iraq. Military, maybe. Or aid workers. And Arabia. Some of books are translated into Arabic, but I suspect that along the Gulf it's probably ex-pats who are reading the books and visiting my websites.

I spent many years there myself, in Qatar, Bahrain and Umm al Qwain. I once even spent an uncomfortable hour on the tarmac somewhere in Iraq when we weren't allowed to leave the plane -- BA had complained about a bump in the runway, apparently and so we were all being punished. It was a very long time ago...

And Africa -- my spiritual home. I've had visitors from all parts on Africa this year. North, south, east and west. I'm not sure how the books finds there way there. A few "export" editions, I imagine and maybe people visiting leave books behind. I spent a few wonderful days by Lake Malawi; I wonder if a tourist left a Liz Fielding there? And the Kenyan coast. Know it, love it... No one from Zambia, yet. I met the dh there -- our first date was a trip to the Victoria Falls.

I've had a lot more visitors from India following the opening of the Mills & Boon office. I look forward to some of you dropping by to take part in contests and share your reading preferences.

I love to see the islands light up. There's someone on an island in the Atlantic that I think might be the Azores. I thought they were lower down but I'm a bit hazy on it's exact location. I need to look it up. The Seychelles, Mauritius. Places in the Pacific that I don't know. And Iceland... That's a place I've always wanted to visit.

What I find amazing is that there are so many people, in so many far flung corners of the world, who know my name. Who I am. Or are you all looking for other Liz Fieldings? I changed my server recently and to get Liz Fielding in my email address I had to add 08. Who are those other seven Liz Fieldings? Enquiring minds want to know!


Estella said...

How wonderful that your map is filled. So many people love your books!

Jan Jones said...

Silly email people. Everyone knows there's only one Liz Fielding.

Ellen said...

How wonderful it must be to have readers from so many different places.

Dena said...

Hi Liz, You have been to so many amazing places. I've only been to one place outside the US and that was just North of me(I live in Washington state)to Canada. I think it's wonderful that you have so many readers all over the world and in the future I'm sure even more people will discover you through your books.

Snookie said...

That is neat that your map is filled with dots and people all over the world know your books if not you :)

Your books are really worth reading.

a hui hou :)

P.S. I'm going to order 100 Arabian Nights from the Book Depository as soon as I get on a website and figure out the exchange rate and how my credit card handles it!

Anne McAllister said...

Aren't the red dots fun, Liz? I miss mine, too. I saved a copy of it and every now and then I take it out and look at all those lovely dots.

I envy you all your travels. You've seen amazing parts of the world. It's wonderful that our books see even more of it than we do.

And Jan is right -- there is only ONE Liz Fielding. All the rest are imposters.

Liz Fielding said...

Snookie, there are nearly $2 to the £1 at the moment and your credit will just do its stuff and you'll get both dollar and pound amount on your statement, plus the exchange rate used.

Jan and Anne, bless you both, I think I need a t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

I have a credit card that I use for foreign purchases (either when I'm someplace out of the US or buying online from elsewhere). You really should call your credit card company to find out what their commission/fee is on foreign transactions. One of my cards charges 4%!! It's why I got the other one! (I was in France and Canada two years ago for a total of almost 2 months outside the US, not to mention my DVD and book purchases from foreign countries.)

I love looking at the maps when I bop in. Author Kate Donovan has "talked" to some of the other Kate Donovans. She really hit it off with one LOL.

My copies of Arabian Nights and Kate H's Penhally medical came while I was visiting family for 3 weeks (just back two days ago -- still catching up on laundry and grocery shopping). Am eagerly awaiting our long weekend so I can read them. If we don't get stuck in the garden too long. Days are already hot here. It was 17C/63F when I left my parents' home around noon on Saturday and here it's already 70F/21C when we get up in the mornings!! Have I mentioned lately that I hate the heat here? :)