Friday, June 27, 2008


I've had a lot of enquiries about when this book will be available in the US and Australia.

I have asked the powers that be, but until they have an answer, I have, thanks to the lovely Anne McAllister, a solution.

The Book Depository, an online bookstore here in the UK, will despatch books worldwide post free, which is probably as good as it gets without going into a real bookshop anywhere in the world, including the UK. Click here to go direct to the page.


Michelle Styles said... also carries the entire M&B line so if people in NA wanted to go through them...
And of course the M&B website does flat rate shipping.

Snookie said...

Thanks Liz, I will check the Book Depository out. Amazon won't ship free unless you have over a certain dollar amount. It didn't even pull up when I searched on the Border's computers at the store!

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks for reminding me about, Michelle.

Snookie, I've used the Book Depository and I know overseas authors who've used them and been happy with the service.

Ellen said...

I'm a little (ok a lot) ignorant when it comes to money exchange. How do you figure the cost of the books when all you know is US coinage?

Anne McAllister said...

To answer Ellen's question, right now the pound is worth about two American dollars (it fluctuates, but recently that's been the average -- sigh). So look at Book Depository for the price, then double it to get the amount in dollars (appoximately). There are online currency exchange gizmos that you can put in an amount and it will give you the exact trade-off, but if you pay by credit card, that's not exact either, because what you pay is whatever the rate is the moment they take the money and exchange it (plus about 3% conversion fee).