Monday, May 05, 2008


Many thanks to Lucy Gordon for being such a great guest in the past week. She's picked Lois as her winner: --

'I've chosen Lois because her attitude seems me admirably broad-minded and all embracing. Let all men have an equal chance, I say. The more the merrier.'

Lois I have your address and I've passed it on to Lucy who'll send on your copy of her new Presents. Lucky thing!


I just love Facebook. Last week the lovely owners of the TEMPTATION bookstore in Perth found me and I was able to put a face to a name. If you want to be a friend, too, you'll find them here


Since Swansea is my nearest city, this item on the BBC website caught my eye.

"Jack was browsing the shelves of the Dylan Thomas section when he spotted her thumbing through Iris Gower's latest romantic offering.

"Captivated, he approached, slowly and slightly awkwardly. "A quick glance at her lapel and his heart skipped a beat as he saw what he was hoping for.

"A pink badge! The mysterious stranger was also there, in Swansea Central Library that Friday evening, for singles' night."

"An unlikely Mills and Boon-style scenario, you might think.

"But what was once the preserve of the nightclub before pubs, bingo halls and supermarkets got in on the act is now being tried out in Swansea.

"Once a month - from 1800 BST onwards - Friday night is singles' night at the city's main library. It is open for business as normal, with organisers stressing that it is just an optional extra and nothing more than a bit of fun.
Read on...

The library's next singles night will be held on 9th May. Sadly I won't be able to pop along to see how it goes, but since I'm always being asked where I get my ideas from I thought you might like to the generation of this one!


Romance Junkies have given THE BRIDE'S BABY a 4.5 Blue Ribbon Review.

"THE BRIDE’S BABY is Liz Fielding’s fiftieth book and it’s a fun witty book full of misunderstandings and heart wrenching situations. Tom and Sylvie complement each other beautifully. She’s willing to accept whatever life throws at her. Tom’s extremely business oriented and he’s more inconvenienced then hurt by his fiance’s change of heart. I was so caught up in their myriad of misunderstandings and emotional turmoil that I wasn’t able to put this book down and stayed up way too late reading - and don’t regret a single moment of the lost shut eye."
How lovely!
* * *
I'm on my holidays now so there'll be no guest this week, but make sure you come back next week when the fabulous Natasha Oakley (shortlisted for a RITA this year) will drop by to talk about her latest book.


Dena said...

Congrats Lois!

Hi Liz, I keep hearing Facebook all over but have no idea what it is? I was thinking it was something like myspace?

Singles night at the Library is very interesting. It would be great if they did that here in Washington state. What a great idea, I love it.

Also congratulations on the wonderful review from Romance Junkies.

Have fun on your holiday!

Lois said...

Oh my gosh, thank you lots!!! :) I read many Regencies, and read many contemporaries set in the US, but that's the great thing about expanding my Harlequin horizons over the past couple years, you get to meet guys (and their gals) from all over the place! :)

And have a fantastic holiday! :)


Ally @ CataU said...

topping by to see how the Challenge writing is going. :)

Jan Jones said...

Have a lovely break, Liz.

Liz Fielding said...

I am doing the chocolate tour - and writing this on a continental keyboard which is interesting...

Love - Liw er Liz

Annie West said...

Liz, a chocolate tour? Sounds FABULOUS. Would love to do one of those.

And can I just say I adore the idea of a singles night at the library. Brilliant. Whoever thought of that deserves recognition. I hope it's a huge success.


Nicola Marsh said...

Great review, Liz!
I bought this one last week and have it on my TBR pile.
Wish I had more reading time these days...

Snookie said...

Hey Liz, I've been AWOL from the blogs, been busy busy busy, but I thought I'd drop by and tell you I loved Brides Baby :)

michelle Douglas said...

Congrats on the wonderful review, Liz.

Ooh, and I would so love to be a fly on the wall on singles night at Swansea library.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Virginia said...

The first book I read of Liz's is The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella. I loved that book, my favorite. I have read more of her since.