Sunday, February 03, 2008


I've already introduced you to Tom McFarlane, the hero of THE BRIDE'S BABY, so now I'm introducing you to his bride, Sylvie Smith.

Sylvie was born to privilege, but that is all long gone and she's had to build her life from the bottom up. But although the "noblesse" is no longer part of her life, she can't escape the "oblige" and, as the Hon Pres of a charity founded by her mother -- and the favoured wedding planner to the rich and famous -- she has been cornered into providing a gossip magazine Wedding Fayre feature laying out her own "fantasy" wedding at her old ancestral home.

Six months pregnant, this is no joke. And things are about to get worse. Longbourne Court's new owner is Tom McFarlane, the father of her baby.

A man who doesn't want to know her or her baby...

Next up, is Anne McAllister's groom, the hero of ONE-NIGHT LOVE CHILD, released in March.

Six years ago Flynn Murray turned Sara McMaster's life upside down. He swept her off her feet and into his bed. Then he left -- and sane, sensible Sara had never been the same.

Flynn, former footloose Irish journalist, is now the Earl of Dunmorey met and fell for Sara in Montana but the timing was not right. Now he gets a letter out of the blue that has been chasing him around the world for five years -- with the news that he has a son. But Sara is in for a shock. Her carefree Irishman is now the scarily powerful Earl of Dunmorey -- and he wants his son.

The third groom is Raul, hero of Kate Walker's Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife.

Two years ago, Alannah turned down Raul's cold-blooded proposal of marriage and walked away without one word of regret. Now tragedy has thrown them together once more, and this time the proud Spanish aristocrat will see that she doesn't get away from him again.

He had always wanted Alannah from the first moment he saw her. Her unique combination of purity and passion intrigued, then intoxicated him. And Raul is a man used to getting everything he wants. She got away from him once - This time, he intends to keep her.

Okay, here are all three questions -- and you need to send all three answers to each of us in order to be put in the draw for one of three prizes of all three books.

My addy is liz @ (no gaps); you'll find the answers and contact details of Kate and Anne's logs.

Flynn's Question: What story did he come to Montana to cover when he met Sara in the first place?

Raul's Question: What are the full names of the hero and heroine of Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife

Tom's Question: What colour silk did he become intimately acquainted with?

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