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This week, I'm absolutely delighted to welcome Nicola Marsh author of both "Romance" and "Modern Heat/Presents" books to help me celebrate 50 books.

Nic is another Melbourne author and she particularly loves writing about the hip, vibrant, cosmopolitan vibe of her home city. The call from Harlequin Mills & Boon came in May 2003 and she hasn't looked back and has recently sold her fifteenth book.

Here's Nicola to tell you a little about herself and her books.

I have a thing about heroes.

No great surprise, really, considering I write romance for a living!

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore writing strong, modern heroines, women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out there and grab it with both hands but the real fun stuff comes when I cast my heroes.

This month, I have 2 releases, different in many ways but similar in the fact I fell in love just a little-okay, a lot-with both heroes.

Nathan Boyd, the entrepreneur in Executive Mother-To-Be (Harlequin Romance), is a man with a past. Emotionally wounded, reserved but oh-so-gallant, he’s the type of guy you’d notice for his steely resolve, the type of guy you’d want to be there when the going gets tough and that’s just what the heroine, Kristen Lewis discovers when she’s pregnant…with Nate’s baby.

He’s appealing in a ‘strong, silent and sexy’ way.

And can the guy dance!

Tyler James, on the other hand, is a hero you sit up and take notice of the second he struts onto the pages of Purchased for Pleasure (Harlequin Presents).

A Navy SEAL, he’s used to taking charge and can handle anything, anywhere, anytime. He’s gorgeous, impressive and larger than life, the type of hero you’d love to get swept off your feet by…and that’s exactly what happens to Kate Hayden.

With 6 ft 4 of prime Navy SEAL at her beck and call for a week, can you blame her?

Here’s a little taste of Nate and Ty:

Nate stared at her, his dark, intense gaze trying to send her a message she couldn’t fathom. Once again his sad mask had slipped into place and for a split second she wondered if their impending goodbye had anything to do with it.

Yeah, like he’d be heartbroken over a woman he barely knew.

“I wish things were different.”

For one, heart-stopping moment she felt the same zing, the same spark she had back in the bar when they’d first met, the same tenuous connection that this was right, was meant to be, and she almost ran back to the bed and flung herself into his arms.

But that wasn’t the sensible thing to do and right now logic was about all she had left.

I do too,” she finally said, opting for honesty yet knowing it wouldn’t make a difference as she slipped into the bathroom to get dressed and head back to her well-organised life and out of his.

(from EXECUTIVE MOTHER-TO-BE, Harlequin Romance, Feb 2008)

She’d been staring at him, her luscious mouth a perfect little pout and he’d had difficulty breathing. In fact, his first glimpse of Kate after six long years had been worse than a case of the bends, though no amount of hyperbaric chamber treatment would fix what he had for her.

Uh-uh. Lust, pure and simple, had slammed through his body, making him want to leap over tables, grab her and lock his mouth to hers, tasting her, possessing her, reminding her of how damn good they’d been together in the bedroom.

He stumbled and she cast a pitying glance over her shoulder while he sent her a cocky grin.

Staring at his sassy ex strutting in front of him had him remembering exactly how great they’d been together and perhaps spending seven days trying to resurrect old times before facing the life-changing appointment next week wouldn’t be such a bad thing?

Yeah, that sounded like a plan.

And like any good SEAL, he always stuck to the plan.

(from PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE, Harlequin Presents, Feb 2008)

I couldn’t decide which book to give away so I’m giving away a signed copy of both!

To win Executive Mother-To-Be, answer this question:
What type of show has Kristen been producing in Singapore?
(answer here)

To win Purchased for Pleasure, answer this question:
How much is Kate’s winning bid for Tyler?
(answer here)

Thanks for having me, Liz.

Now, I’m off to surf the Net for more hot heroes…

Happy hero hunting!

Thanks, Nic! Okay, you know the form – send your answers to liz @ with “Nicola Marsh” in the subject line and your answers with your name and street address in the body of the email.

And if you haven't already taken at look at the HERE COME THE GROOMS competition, scroll down past the party stuff to see all the details.


Cryna said...

Welcome to the blog Nicola. Both your books look really, good.

So glad you could visit with us.

Annie West said...

Hi Nic,

Thanks for sharing with us. I really don't know how you manage to keep up the books - so many in such a short space of time, especially when you've had some distractions in the last year or so. Nice distractions of course!


Snookie said...

Aloha, Both books look great Nicola. I can't imagine writing one book, not sure how you could manage 15 in 4 or 5 years!

I'm not sure I've read any of your stuff. I'm going to have to go over and check your books out :)

Michelle Douglas said...

Wow, Nic, you have been a busy lady - 15 books since 2003!

Nate sounds like my kind of hero. Am seriously looking forward to Exec-Mum-To-be.

Snookie, if you come across Nic's Two-Week Mistress grab it - it's a fab read.

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Cryna, nice to be here :)

Hi Annie! It's called sleep deprivation ;) It's the key to keeping up with those tiny bundles of joy/distractions ;)

Aloha Snookie! I adore Hawaii, haven't been there in way too long. Thanks for checking out my books.

Waving to Michelle...from Wally the Wombat :) (it's a reference to Two-Week Mistress, not an example of my sleep deprivation!!)

Nicola Marsh said...

Oops, meant to say a huge hi and thanks to Liz for having me.

Your incredible achievement of 50 books is something I strive for :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Cryna, nice to be here :)

Hi Annie! It's called sleep deprivation ;) It's the key to keeping up with those tiny bundles of joy/distractions ;)

Aloha Snookie! I adore Hawaii, haven't been there in way too long. Thanks for checking out my books.

Waving to Michelle...from Wally the Wombat :) (it's a reference to Two-Week Mistress, not an example of my sleep deprivation!!)

Nicola Marsh said...

I have no idea why that comment posted twice.
I swear I only hit the button once.

Blogger is not my friend at the moment...

Nicola Marsh said...

Off to bed now...will pop back in the morning :)

Meljprincess said...

Hi Nicola!
*whew* all this blog hopping is making me dizzy. lol!
Hope I win your books!


Melissa K.

Meljprincess said...

Liz, I sent my answers for Nicola's book contest to your addy in the post but my email was sent back to me. Which e-mail addy should I use? Thanks.


azteclady said...

meljprincess, I had the same problem, so I checked Liz's last name, and discovered that the addy in the blogpost has an extra "l." Once I corrected that, it went through. Perhaps you should try that too.

(Of course, I'm also hoping it went through to the right person *wink*)

Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Melissa and Azteclady!

Melissa, 'blog hopping' sounds like a great title for a book! I love it :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Oh, and you have to be in it to win it :)

Annie West said...

Hi Melissa. Great to 'see' you. And Michelle. And Nic - sleep deprivation eh? Hm, am suffering that at the moment but have no little babies as an excuse. Unfortunately I don't think it's making me any more productive. It just makes me wish I could snooze. I've been staring at the same page of this manuscript for far too long!


azteclady said...

And I had to try again--because I didn't include all the information required *sigh*

Me, not too bright.

Nicola Marsh said...

Annie, I dream of snoozing...all the time!!! Hope that WIP behaves for you :)

Azteclady, you made me chuckle :)

Meljprincess said...

Thanks, azteclady! I resent and it went through. I really appreciate your help. :-)

LOL! about the title, Nicola. Make sure you put me in your dedication if you use it please. *bg*

Oh, I'm in it!

Hope you're doing well, Annie

Liz Fielding said...

Oh, golly, the typing is getting worse. All your entries made it, so thanks for that, but I will go and change the addy because there is absolutely nothing more irritating that email bouncing back. I know ... it happens to me all the time.

I had a fabulous time at the Mills & Boon Centenary party last night (Thursday) You'll see why when I post some pictures on Monday -- hot men alert!

azteclady said...

Hot men? Yay!!!!


Thank you, Liz.

Meljprincess said...

Thanks for letting us know, Liz.

Lookin' forward to pics. of hot men!


Nicola Marsh said...

Oh Liz, you tease you ;)

Will do, Melissa :)

Snookie said...

Aloha Nic, We just keep growing more houses here. I wish it would slow down some. If you're ever in town give me a holler...

Guess I will look for 2 week mistress :) I will see if the used book store I go to has it.

Nicola Marsh said...

Oooh...will definitely be in town again one day soon...well, when bub has grown up a bit!

If your bookstore doesn't have it, Amazon does :)

Thanks for having me, Liz. It has been a blast!
Now, off to drool over those waiter pics again...

Anonymous said...
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