Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Liz, who is apparently busy sorting out some other guy's life, has asked me to drop by and tell you that the story of how Diana and I became the luckiest people alive -- her 50th book, don't forget -- is now sold out at Mills & Boon's website.

There may be a few copies left in the shops -- but only until Friday when the February books will be on display. Diana urges you not to miss out, she doesn't want you paying outrageous postage charges to get it from Amazon!


Jan Jones said...

That's okay, Zahir, I've got my copy. But it was really kind of you to take time out to warn us.

And to post your photo again. That was kind too.

Snookie said...

Thanks for the warning, and yup, it was kind to post your photo again :) My friend so kindly bought me a copy of your story and I immediately read it and loved it!

Cryna said...

That was a good warning, thanks for taking time to do it. How exciting that your story is just about sold out.

And love the reposting of your picture - as if we could forget you.

Snookie said...

Hey Liz, I just reread the Temp and the Tycoon!

Hey Zahir, I'm looking for your cousin's book now, not sure how I missed it the first time around! Can't seem to find it any of the used book stores I frequent. Looks like I'm going to have to resort to Amazon.

Zahir said...

How kind you all are. A man could have his head turned ... ouch!

Diana asked me to mention that the book is, of course, always available as an eBook.

Lois said...

Yep, I already have and read my lovely copy, but loved seeing him again! :)