Saturday, January 26, 2008


The new bed is amazing. It’s so HUGE – I’m thinking that maybe I should have settled on king-size rather than going to the superking, but the space is magic. As is the sheer comfort of the foot-thick mattress. I won’t mention the bruise where I caught my shin on one of the screws as we put the frame together…

No, honestly. Never has getting up in the morning been so difficult.

Just as well I made the effort on Friday. As I reached the kitchen there was a noise like torrential rain. Except it wasn’t rain, but you’d already guessed that hadn’t you? It was hot water pouring from the bottom of my washing machine and no, I hadn’t gone to bed leaving it running.

Experience has taught me that if a washing machine is going to stick, it will always stick on “fill”, never on “drain”. Just as well the little grey cells were sufficiently awake for me to grope for the switches under the sink and turn off the water. Luckily I’m completely up to date with the washing – if not the ironing – so a few days while it gets sorted out is not going to be a problem, but it looks as if the cheque for the last book arrived in the nick of time. I'm still waiting for my author copies of Bride for a Billionaire, though.

The new book is doing what new books always seem to do these days. Not a lot. I’ve got a hero and a heroine and a complication, but I keep running up against that little part of me that refuses to suspend belief and go with it; the one that keeps say “But…” And then, yesterday afternoon everything shifted sideways and I began to see a story emerge. And lying awake half the night with it going around in my head has shifted one of the niggles. With luck and a following wind, I might just get this done.

Fortunately, I’ve a couple of inspirational trips to London next week, dallying with colleagues and editors, first at the RNA Awards lunch, then at the Mills & Boon Centenary Cocktail Party; the stimulating conversation of fellow writers always acts like a whiff of oxygen to the brain, which reminds me, I’d better go and shake out my pink feather boa, but not before I've thanked Elizabeth Rolls for being such a star guest last week. It’s been a while since I read a Regency romance. Definitely time to reacquaint myself with their particular charms.

I'll post news of the winner of A Comprised Lady on Thursday.

There are a couple of other things I have to mention before I go. First
Nicola Marsh is running a fabulous Valentine Quiz during February with books galore on offer. She’s got one of mine up for grabs on the 1st so make a note on your PC diary to drop by and join in the fun!

February 1st also sees the start of the annual
Anne McAllister, Kate Walker, Liz Fielding competition. Last year it was Here Come the Brides. This year we’re going with HERE COME THE GROOMS.

Anne’s Theo has promised to put in an appearance, Max Valentine might just find time to drop by and I’m hoping that Kate will tempt Domenico into putting in an appearance to provide support for the three grooms being put through it by their brides this year. Whatever, you can be sure the males will be alpha, the brides will be spirited and that three winners will each win a signed copy of all three books being featured this year.

Finally, Fiona Harper – winner of the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writer Award for her first book, double Rita nominee in her first year of publication and with two books on the shortlist for the RNA’s “Romance Prize” this year – will be my guest here on Thursday. Better get out the red carpet…

Fiona will be telling us about her February “Romance”, offering a signed copy to one lucky reader and, hopefully, telling us the secret of her success.

Not to be missed.


Michelle Styles said...

Ah, new beds. There is nothing quite like a new mattress. I know my back became much better once we got a new mattress. And I am a great advocate of king sized beds -- whther or not htey are super king. It is just so much easier to sleep without having to fight for the blankets. And my dh, being tall, can stretch without his toes going over the edge.

Good luck with the new book. I am concentrating on my Rita reading in hopes that my daemon might decide to be interested...

Liz Fielding said...

Michelle, the stretch room is fabulous and the extra length blissful. Not that I'm tall (quite the opposite) but always seem to end up sleeping about half way down the bed.

I'm also reading Rita entries. Lots of very different stuff for me this year since I included Paranormal in my choices. Loads of fun!

Estella said...

Good luck with your new book!

catslady said...

I wasn't able to get the Nicola March link to work.

We spent a fortune on a king sized tempurpedic bed a few years back and it's the best thing we ever bought!

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Estella.

Catslady, I couldn't see anything wrong with Nicola's link, it might just have been one of those server burps. My server was refusing to send any mail out yesterday.

I've switched it to her blog and that's definitely working and there is a link to Nicola's website in my sidebar that seems okay, too.

And you're all so right about beds. A good one is an absolute must.

catslady said...

It's working for me now, thanks so much!!