Thursday, December 20, 2007



December 22nd

How's the shopping going? Are all the gifts wrapped? Is the cake iced, are the mince pies made? Or are you, like me, thinking, What? There are how many shopping days left?

Relax. Take an hour or two off and be kind to yourself. You'll be in a much better state to cope with it all afterwards.

But before you do, I have to thank you all for the fabulous names you sent me. Inspirational! Although, Sue, if you look at The Three Year Itch (lovely book, but I HATED that title, which was imposed on me by an editor long since departed) you'll find it has a hero called Gray!

It was Dena's name that came out of the hat for PRISONER OF THE HEART and the book is on its way to the US.

Behind the door today is THE BABY PLAN.

You've already met Sadie Redford, Diana's boss. Well, when I wrote THE BABY PLAN she was a troublesome sixteen-year-old determined to mess up her Dad's love life.

Actually, Amanda Fleming and Dan Redford were doing a pretty good job of that for themselves; hiding their true identities, protecting themselves.

For a chance to win a copy of this book email me at liz, with Day Twenty-Two in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the mail. That's it. You've got enough to think about this weekend without me setting you daft tasks!


juliemt said...

This was my first Liz Fielding book and I've been a massive fan ever since!


Jan Jones said...
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Jan Jones said...

But I like your little tasks, Liz. It takes my mind off The Lists.

(previous deleted comment was me. I can't spell this time in the morning)

Kate Hardy said...

There's a better way than that to cope with the Christmas panic. Sorry, hon, won't work for you, but it WILL work for the rest of the world.

The ingredients are:
* one cup of coffee
* three posh chocolate biscuits (one is too ascetic, two is polite, three is decadent and four is edging over towards greed)
* one Liz Fielding novel (my personal recommendation here is 'Gentlemen Prefer... Brunettes', but 'The Sheik's Guarded Heart' comes a close second)

When you've finished, you'll have a smile on your face and you'll be feeling wonderful.

Merry Christmas, Liz. And keep writing your fabulous books.

Christa said...

I think all present are bought and are now spread out om the floor waiting to be wrapped (they have now been there for three days LOL) eharlequin just keeps hahaving such good deals. As for the baking I'll leave that to everyone else.
I think I'll follow Kate's advice.

Liz Fielding said...

I think I'll settle down with a Kate Hardy -- and the chocolate biscuits! Like your reasoning on then number, Kate. :)

Jan, the brain, first thing in the morning, has a mind of its own, Jan. Forget spelling, I think one word and type something completely different.

Hi Julie! Thank you!