Thursday, December 20, 2007




Oh, lord. This is Sadie, covered with blushes here. I can't believe Liz actually dug out that old story where I behaved so badly! I was sixteen!

As if having to cope with the papparazi camped on the company doorstep hoping Diana might turn up wasn't bad enough. I hope I did the right thing when Sheikh Zahir phoned, but he sounded so sincere. So desperate. I wish I had someone who felt that way about me...

Anyway, what have we got here? Oh, yes. A FAMILY OF HIS OWN won the RNA Romance Prize in 2005. Trenda, in the delightfully named Saltillo, was drawn from the hat and the book is on its way.

Today, behind the door, is THE SECRET LIFE OF LADY GABRIELLA. This is the story of Ellie March, aspiring writer, cleaner, house-sitter, who has somehow managed to convince the editor of Milady magazine that she's Lady Gabriella March, domestic goddess, and she's now writing a monthly column on her "lifestyle". The only trouble is that she doesn't have a lifestyle. She doesn't even have a life.

Then Dr Benedict Faulkner, the owner of the lovely house she's "sitting" returns unexpectedly and, since he didn't know he had a house-sitter (sisters!) she's really in trouble. Oh, and one of the neighbours shoots at her. Life, as Ben quickly discovers, is never dull with Ellie around.

For a chance to win a copy of Ellie and Ben's story, email Liz at liz, with your name and address in the body of the text and Liz wants to know what you'd most like to find under your Christmas tree on the 25th. No men allowed -- we've already done that one -- not even your husband. And "World Peace" goes without saying!


Jan Jones said...

This is such a fabulous title, Liz. And so refreshing!

Liz Fielding said...

You're thinking of the water, right? :)


Merri said...

Great cover, fun blurb...and best of awesome read inside! Adored this book!