Monday, September 03, 2007


Lilian Darcy has drawn the winner of her competition for a signed copy of CAFE DU JOUR and a CdJ t-shirt. I'll leave her to tell you all about it.

“I’ve chosen Jenilee Chua as the winner of a copy of “Café du Jour” and one of my “Café du Jour T-shirts. Of all the entrants, Jenilee, you were the only one who pick up that Dylan is a bit of a bad egg.

"Admittedly, it wasn’t easy to work it out from the excerpt! There’s no larger-than-life hero in “Café du Jour” – the book is much more about Susie dealing with turning points in her life – but by the end we can see that she’s going to be happy with the right man.

"On a more disappointing note, the UK editorial team for Mira Books has decided not to publish “Café du Jour” in the UK, despite all the positive feedback I’ve had, including that lovely review in the Melbourne Age. So UK and US readers, if you’re curious about the book, you’ll have to buy it via here at Harlequin Australia. The link is also on my website, with an excerpt and more details of the book.

"Liz, thanks so much for having me on your blog. As you know, “Café du Jour” is a real book-of-the-heart for me, and I’m really happy that your regular readers have had a chance to hear about it.”

Back to Liz...

Having read Cafe du Jour in the last week -- and I'll be blogging about it within the next few days -- I have to tell you that I'm deeply disappointed that it won't be issued in the UK, but I bought my copy here from Harlequin Australia as easily as I could have bought it from M&B here in the Britain, so don't let the distance put you off buying a really great book. They only list the books for a couple of months though, so don't put it off.


Jenny Haddon said...

Thanks for that link to Harlequin Oz, Liz. I'm really disappointed that 'Cafe du Jour' isn't out in the UK. Hope they reconsider.


Liz Fielding said...

My pleasure, Jenny. This is a really engrossing and delightful read and, for what it's worth, I think HMB, UK have made a mistake.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if CDJ will be available in North America? I'm thinking no b/c I can't find it at the Harlequin or Amazon sites for N.A. And just as distressing, I can't find it available as an ebook (even at the eHQ-Oz site), either (which would save a ton of money on shipping costs).

So disappointed,

Penn aka ftworthmom

Liz Fielding said...

I don't know, Penn. Maybe you could drop a little line to Harlequin in Toronto and ask them? If they know there are people out there looking... :)


Lilian D said...

Chiming in too late here, probably, but I've been hearing a few frustrated comments from people over the lack of availability of Cafe du Jour. Let's just say I've been frustrated about it, too. Apparently, it is not Harlequin Australia's policy to list the book on Amazon (or with a couple of fairly important book-seller databases here in Australia). Thanks to everyone who would *like* to get hold of the book. I appreciate the good intentions very much, and you can still get it via

Lilian D.

Liz Fielding said...

Can I tell everyone who is looking for this book that buying through Harlequin, Australia is not a problem. You have to register (which is irritating and drives me crazy, but you have to do that with nearly every website where you want to buy these days), but once you've done that it's totally simple. I think my book took about ten days to arrive. Certainly no longer.