Friday, July 27, 2007


Just a quick message to thank all of you who left wonderful and inspiring messages on Elizabeth Oldfield's blog. The winner was Merri, and a copy of VINTAGE BABES is on it's way to her.

Next week sees REUNITED: MARRIAGE IN A MILLION go retail in the UK and US. If you all rush out and by it in the first week it might make the Waldenbooks list -- wouldn't that be great!

I've already given away at least half a dozen copies in competitions around the 'net so I won't be giving away any more, at least not while you can go out and buy it!

I will, however, be offering a copy of my September 3-in-1 BY REQUEST (including books by Marion Lennox and Jessica Hart) which won't be available in Australia or the US, and maybe a book or two from my backlist, so drop by for reviews, snippets and all the goss.

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