Saturday, June 02, 2007


Today is the day when I have to do all the things I've been putting off. My accounts are top of the list -- oh, joy.

Think of me when you're all out having fun!

I also have to order flowers for two lots of birthdays. (June is the busiest month in our family -- we have four big birthdays!) I've been online to do this at least three times and it's still not done.


No excuses.

Then I have to get to grips with the sheikh novella I have to deliver by the end of August -- except I haven't got that long because the book after that is due at the end of October.

The good news is that the plot fairy visited yesterday in the unexpected guise of the dh. He doesn't usually take much interest, but he's always more interested in the sheikhs since he's trodden the ground, so to speak, and at one time spoke Arabic very well. It's been a long time since he's had any practice but he came up with a terrific idea for a plot -- once I'd managed to get him off the crashed helicopter scenario. And his "crashed car" opening was so similar to the one I used in THE SHEIKH'S GUARDED HEART, that I could almost believe he'd been reading it. But how likely is that?

Once we'd got the transport out of the way and he began seriously putting his mind to the task he came up with something really excellent. Now I just have to get it out of the realms of Tomb Raider and into the guise of a "Romance". And find suitable names for both sheikh and heroine -- which can take days. It's so much easier when you a character from a previous book, which is what happened with THE SHEIKH'S UNSUITABLE BRIDE -- out in January.

In the meantime, I've posted my article, THE SHEIKH AS HERO, that I wrote for a German magazine, here.


Anne McAllister said...

I can almost get my mind around the sheikh as hero the way you explain it, Liz. Wonderful explanation. Thank you.


euripides said...

Love the picture of Lawrence - I read a biography and some of his translation of Homer, and some of the Seven Pillars when I was a student, and I was quite in love with him! (along with Coomaraswamy, and Wittgenstein. Not your conventional poster-boys!)