Friday, June 01, 2007


Phillipa Ashley has won the RNA's David Hessayon New Writer Award with her first book, DECENT EXPOSURE.

Am I thrilled? Do ducks swim?

Is she thrilled? See for yourself at her blog

Briefly, on another subject -- I can't access My Space to do anything other than add friends -- it says something unintelligible about add-ons and then shuts down my browser. So for everyone who left comments there in the last couple of days, THANK YOU!


Lee Hyat said...

Liz, Happy Birthday! I just heard from Kate's blog it's your special day today. I hope it's a wonderful one. :)

Trish said...


Anne McAllister said...

Happy birthday, Liz! And congrats on getting the book done. May it go -- revision-less -- into the schedule, so you can truly relax and celebrate!

juliemt said...

Happy Birthday, Liz! I hope you have a lovely day!


Kate Walker said...

Happy Birthday Liz - I hope you're having a fabulous day with lots of treats - and the knowledge that the book is gone to your editor as one of the best of them!



Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, everyone!

I was "queen" for the day. Now it's back to doing the shopping and getting down to the next book. Oh, and cutting the grass. You only have to turn your back and those dandelions just leap up. Why don't slugs eat weeds? Anyone know?

Phillipa said...

Testing...happy birthday, Liz!

Phillipa said...

Ok. I am having trouble with my blogger comments but what I meant to say yesterday was that Liz's book, Her Wish List Bridegroom, was the first HMB I ever read when I started out wanting to write romance. I still fancy the hero, Gregor, and I still deeply envy the scene in the hallway.

Also - Liz put up with many angst-ridden emails from me and gave me some great advice for which I will always be grateful!

I'm currently enjoying the gorgeously geeky Dr Benedict, hero of Lady Gabriella's Diary.