Monday, May 28, 2007


Liz has still got her head down (it's a holiday today, don't writers ever take a day off?) getting things right for Sylvie and Tom, and since Ellie is cooking up a storm (you can take that literally) for her sister's birthday, I'm been nominated to come and keep you up to date with what's going on.

Apart from the book, Liz has been talking to Leighton Jones about Ellie and me over on Swansea Sound, her local radio station. He is her new hero, apparently. No soppy music, no breathy voice overs, just a great chat -- and he mentioned the name of the book three times without prompting. Sounds like a really nice bloke.

And this week she has a journalist coming from the South West Evening Post, ditto. Except she wants to talk about "commitment" after the HEA. Liz is muttering something about being "committed", but I suspect she has a totally different meaning in mind.

Liz's main news is that she apparently has two books out in Germany this month -- the aecond one arrived in the post as a complete surprise. For those of you who remember The Temp & the Tycoon (published until the title Strictly Business), this is Talie and Jude's story -- except he's now Jason. And you'll find it here.

Oh, and Chrissie Sue and Papaya are prize winners over at her guest blog at eHarlequin.

Er ... I think I can smell something burning...


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