Saturday, April 07, 2007


Yesterday I mentioned my search for purple shoes and Fleur Forsyte -- as portrayed by Susan Hampshire.

Today not one, but two kind colleagues (thank you Natasha and Abby) sent me exactly the right picture. Doesn't it take you back? Those of you who were even born when this version was made!

And Anne McAllister found not one, but two incredibly sexy pairs of purple shoes. These, which I am personally lusting after.

And these...

Pause for "oh, wow!"

...which are unbelievable and will be going in my box with the ribbons I bought today, along with the mauve chiffon one that was around the mother's day flowers I had from the ds.

All I need now is the BOOK!

Come on postman!


tobfree35 said...

My daughter would have a fit for those shoes.

Anne McAllister said...

Cool shoes, huh? I love the wedding pic, too. Good for Abby and Natasha.

Writers are good that way --like when I asked about the blue flowers and you and Michelle and Kate all came through brilliantly in a matter of hours.

Hope the postman gets you your book soon. I thought for a minute you were expecting him to write your book for you. And I thought, wow, that's accommodating. They don't do that for us in the US. But then I realized you meant Tharp's book.

Well, the postman writing it was a nice thought for the nano-second it lasted.

ps: Do I get extra points for not using any exclamations?

Liz Fielding said...

Our postman is a sweetheart. If he doesn't get an answer at the door when he's got a parcel of foreign books, he comes down the garden to the Snap & Scribble to find me.

Sometimes he even takes stuff from me for the post -- when it's too big to fit into the village box.

I haven't yet asked him to help with the writing, but I'm sure he'd do his best. :)

This weekend is one of those long public holidays so we don't have post on Friday or Monday. It's going to be Tuesday at the earliest before The Creative Life arrives. Sigh.

And tobfree, my daughter would fall in love with the shoes, too.

Barb said...

Oh, I LOVE that bottom pair of shoes, Liz. They remind me of a pair I wore in the very early 70's to go with a tiny, tiny purple dress. I can't believe I ever used to fit into it.
But I was dreadul in platform soles. Always treading on other peoples' toes. Ouch! (Now that needed an exclamation.)

Phillipa said...

Fab shoes ... if only I didn;t have tendonitis. :( I really came over here to say thanks for inviting me to your My Space. I would love to come out to play, Liz, when either I, or more likely, my daughter, has worked out how to join. I already have a dormant My Space and am trying to remember how to reactivate it.