Saturday, March 24, 2007


Here are the next three books in the north-west libraries exciting Pure Passion initiative. The librarians, all enthusiastic supporters of romance fiction, have put together a selection of books that cover just about every kind of relationship novel; not just the historical, chick-lit, shorter genre romance that you’d expect to find, but fantasy, gay romance as well as introducing the exciting new genre of African-American romance. Here are three more to tempt you.

UNDEAD & UNWED by Mary Janice Davidson

Betsy Taylor wakes in a coffin dressed in an ugly pink suit and her wicked stepmother’s throw away shoes.

This funny and inventive book manages to pay homage to both Chick Lit and vampire novels in one fell swoop.

GOING DUTCH by Kate Fforde

Jo and Dora may not know much about boats but they are determined to make the best of things. Follow their story in this 13th novel from one of the UK’s most popular and successful romantic writers, in which boats feature strongly.

MY LOVER, MY FRIEND by Shirley Hailstock

Dr Rosamund Albright could never stand by and watch someone in pain without helping. Evan Harper had been her best friend and now the man was hurting.

Kimani Romance books are sexy, entertaining love stories that keep it real with true-to-life African-American characters who turn up the heat and sizzle with passion.

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