Saturday, January 27, 2007


While Max and Louise are keeping themselves amused, I thought you might like to see the latest addition to my family.

I’ve got a new grand-cat.

This is Bernard making himself totally at home when he came to visit with his fellow grand-cat, Nigel, at Christmas.

Nigel is big – in fact he’s on a diet.

Bernard is just huge, but that’s not over-eating; it’s the way he’s built. There’s something of the Maine Coon about him which means he’s the size of a small dog with furry paws the size of dinner plates.

He's getting on, bless him, and was found, minus most of his fur, with one eat-chewed off and very close to death a few months back.

The wonderful CPL people nursed him back to health, but like Nigel he’s lost his natural immunity to stuff and has to stay inside. As you can see, he really liked the stairs. Maybe they’re a novelty as he lives in a ground floor flat.

I also have a new grand-dog, too. Bob. He’s moved in with Kees, Flynn (who was a magazine pin-up boy recently) and Milo. He’s another rescue dog, a golden retriever and growing like a weed and now there really is NO MORE ROOM ON THE SOFA!

He’s smart as paint. apparently and sailed through his dog training classes, unlike Milo who will chew anything – but then Milo had a very bad start in life so needs a lot of praise and encouragement. And gets it. I'll be meeting Bob in person this spring, but photos are on the way and as soon as I have them, I’ll share.


Kate Walker said...

Your grand-cats are gorgeous Liz - I thought Nigel was lovely when you first showed his photo - and Bernard is wonderful too.

Sir Sidney sends best purrs and head rubs. As do the 3 other of my furry friends. Sid is no small cat himself but I think Bernard looks even bigger.

Give them some strokes from me - and an ear rub or two


Anne McAllister said...

I love your grandcats, Liz. We had a Maine Coon cat called Goliath who did have paws like dinner plates -- and an appetite to match. Aren't they wonderful? My son calls them "middle of the room cats" because they always want to be where the action is. None of that hiding under beds for them.

And of course, stairs are a perfect place to hang out -- the best place to watch people fall when they trip over you.

Put up some pix of the granddogs, too, will you?