Monday, January 08, 2007


Have you entered the Here Come the Brides competition yet? There are three books up for grabs -- times three. Enter from my website, Kate Walker's website and Anne McAllister's website and you have three chances to win our three February books.

And to whet your appetite a little, here's a taster from Kate Walker's hot and steamy Harlequin Presents, The Italian's Forced Bride.

The Italian's Forced Bride by Kate Walker

Her heart had started to thud again, but this time it was with a very different sort of pulse, one that unwillingly she had to acknowledge that she recognised only too well. This was the heavy, heated beat of awareness that had always assailed her in the past. The way that she had felt from the first moment she had seen him and had never really recovered from since.

It was the sheer concentrated physical impact that he had on her. And the pulse that throbbed through her veins was one of deep, sensual arousal. It was as if everything that was male in him was calling to her own essential femininity on the deepest, most primitive level, in a way that made her head spin.

'I told you why I left.'

'Yeah, you stopped having fun . . .'

There was something in his voice that caught and held her. Some soft undertone that seemed to reach out and enclose her, like the delicate, but constricting lines of a spider's web. She felt it coil round her, lightly seductive but dangerously transfixing.

'Why was that, cara, hmm?'

'I . . . '

Her voice had failed her, no matter how hard she tried to make it work. Her mouth opened and closed but no sound came out. She felt she must look like some stupid, gaping fish, but something about her expression made Domenico smile.

'When did the fun go out of things? Because it never did for me.'


Was that stupid, squeaky little voice really hers?

'Never.' Domenico's echoing of the word was much lower, deeper, rich with a sensuality that tugged at something deep inside her.

'A drink . . .' she tried for commons sense, for practicality.

Domenico shook his dark head slowly, that smile growing wickedly.

'I think not,' he murmured.

No? Once again Alice tried to form the word but failed, her throat drying painfully. Nervously she slicked her tongue over painfully dry lips, determined to try again, only to have the determination evaporate like mist before the sun as she saw the way his golden eye dropped to follow the betraying movement, the intensity with which it fixed on her mouth.

'What?' she managed to croak, rough and uneven.

'I have something I would like so much more.'

And before she could snatch in another breath his mouth came down on hers, taking it in a slow seductive kiss.

What do you have to do?

Not too much! Just check out each author’s web site for the full name – first name and surname -- of the bride in the named book. When you have all 3, send them via the email link on each of the authors’ web sites.

Each author will be collecting their own entries to this contest so if you enter on each web site, this means you have three chances to win.

How to enter:

From Liz Fielding’s website, just put your answers in an email with HERE COME THE BRIDES in the subject line and hit send.

Closing date: February 1st 2007

And keep your eye on my blog -- and Anne’s and Kate’s -- throughout January for further updates and news. You never know what might happen . . .


theosavas said...

Max, just got back on shore to discover our respective brides have holed up somewhere until the books come out. AND they are running a contest!

Anne (my author) doesn't seem to think we should bother them now. Nothing to do with the weddings, but she's all about this contest.

So I say, let's do our own contest! How about it?


Liz Fielding said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Theo

I've been so busy setting up the new restaurant that... Maybe Louise has a point when she says I always put work first.

Okay, I'm up for a bit of fun -- if even to show my darling bride that I can forget business for five minutes. What have you got in mind? I'm sure anything those women can do we can better!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys - what is this?
This is the third time I've tried to keep Alicia in my life - the first time she ran off - then I was supposed ot marry her but . . . Well, they'll have to read the book to find out . .
Now you tell me she's off planning something with these other signorinas?

Well - we'll see about that. Luckily I will have no trouble getting past my author - as an Italian, I know how to charm . . .she will be - what is it you say? Putty on my hands?

I will soon be like you Theo - on her blog and telling the world what has happened.

And we will come up with uno concorso meraviglioso that will show lei nostre fidanzate just how men do these things!