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Here’s a note from Anne McAllister, filling you in on some the background to her book – and the Antonides and Savas families -- with teasing glimpses of books yet to come.

Anne’s books are always a treat, with heroes to totally die for and The Santorini Bride is no exception.

From Anne:

THE SANTORINI BRIDE is the middle book of three (so far), beginning with THE ANTONIDES MARRIAGE DEAL (which it is not necessary to have read, but if you did read it, this will explain where Martha was when no one could find her!). That she met her match in Theo Savas was as big a surprise to her as it was to Theo. He has a heck of a time convincing her, though!

While I'd intended to go back to the Antonides and Savas families for my next book, another character from THE SANTORINI BRIDE piqued my interest when he offered Martha a shoulder to cry on. Actually he did more than pique my interest, he grabbed the book and tried to run away with it! His name was Spencer Tyack and the minute he appeared, he seemed determined to take over. He muttered about stupid Greeks who didn't know a good woman when they saw one (that would have been Theo) and said he'd do a far better job of things -- which just goes to show how blind some men can be, as Spence's own soul mate was right under his nose! He didn't believe me.

But he wouldn't let me alone until I proved it to him. So he and Sadie Morrissey (the girl under his nose!) have their own story coming in October from Harlequin Presents and HM&B Modern called THE BOSS'S WIFE FOR A WEEK. It's all about what happens to Spence when he's making other plans.

I fully expect to come back to the Antonides and Savas families in the future. But I wanted to tie up another loose end first.

That's the book I'm working on now. It is a spin-off of THE GREAT MONTANA COWBOY AUCTION and the rest of the Code of the West books I've done for Silhouette. Only this one is going to be a Harlequin Presents! It's the story of Flynn Murray, consummate charmer and Irish journalist who, to his dismay, has finally had to take over the draughty Irish castle -- and the earldom -- he has tried to forget for years. That also means settling down and begetting little heirs to the earldom.

But just when Flynn is prepared to do his duty, coincidence -- or fate -- brings Sara McMaster back into his life. She awakens memories he'd long buried and desires he believed he'd forgotten. Six years ago life pulled them apart. Now it has thrust them together again, if only for a moment.

A moment is all Sara can stand. She doesn't want to fall in love with Flynn again. She's been there, done that, and she's finally recovered from it. She has made a life for herself, picked up stakes, moved on. If Flynn had wanted her back then, she would have followed him to the ends of the earth. Not now. And she doesn't want him disrupting her equilibrium again -- or their son's! Flynn doesn't know about Liam, which is no fault of Sara's. She'd tried to tell him. He'd moved on. That's what he does -- move on. Well, he might have done it to her, but she won't let him do that to Liam.

I'm just beginning work on the book now and it's already going in directions I didn't expect. Flynn is as big a charmer as ever. Sara is not quite the idealist with the practical bent that she used to be. She's a mom now. She's had to adjust. Flynn's an earl now -- he's made some adjustments himself. And Liam -- well, he's five and he's got an agenda of his own.

I'm hoping to go to Ireland in February to do some on-site research for their story which begins in New York City. I don't know if we'll get back to Elmer, Montana or not. But it doesn't matter. Sara and Flynn will always carry memories of it in their hearts.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! In the meantime, while we all envy Anne her trip to Ireland, here’s a reminder of what you have to do to win: --


Good news! This month you get the chance to win not one, not two, but three brand new romances. Anne McAllister, Kate Walker and I have got together to celebrate the publication of our three February titles, all of which have ‘Bride’ in the title.

3 winners will each receive a signed copy of all 3 brand new titles from these 3 great authors.

What do you have to do?

Not too much! Just check out each author’s web site for the full name – first name and surname -- of the bride in the named book. When you have all 3, send them via the email link on each of the authors’ web sites.

Each author will be collecting their own entries to this contest so if you enter on each web site, this means you have three chances to win.

How to enter:
From Liz Fielding’s website, just put your answers in an email with HERE COME THE BRIDES in the subject line and hit send.

Closing date: February 1st 2007

And keep your eye on my blog -- and Anne’s and Kate’s -- throughout January for further updates and news. You never know what might happen . . .

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