Thursday, November 30, 2006


This year's Bad Sex Award was won by Iain Hollingshead for his book Twentysomething
(Duckworth) -- apparently is was the "bulging trousers" that swung it for him!

"She's wearing a short, floaty skirt that's more suited to July than February. She leans forward to peck me on the cheek, which feels weird, as she's never kissed me on the cheek before. We'd kissed properly the first time we met. And that was over three years ago.

"But the peck on the cheek turns into a quick peck on the lips. She hugs me tight. I can feel her breasts against her chest. I cup my hands round her face and start to kiss her properly, She slides one of her slender legs in between mine. Oh Jack, she was moaning now, her curves pushed up against me, her crotch taut against my bulging trousers, her hands gripping fistfuls of my hair. She reaches for my belt. I groan too, in expectation. And then I'm inside her, and everything is pure white as we're lost in a commotion of grunts and squeaks, flashing unconnected images and explosions of a million little particles."

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On higher plane, this was sunrise this morning from the "Snap & Scribble".


allyblake said...

Really? The bulging trousers? I would have thought the "grunts and squeaks bit would have been enough to do it for me ;).

Thanks for the link Liz, hilarious!

(And for the beautiful sunrise. Lovely!)


Bronwyn Jameson said...

Yeah, it was the grunts and squeaks for me too. They're ever such sexy sounds. :-/


Liz Fielding said...

Grunts and squeaks? I'd never be able to get away with them in a "Romance" unless the heroine kept a pet piggy...

Shame :)