Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I’ve been talking about this series for a long time. Writing about the writing. Writing about working with other authors spread across the world. Talking about the first books last month because they were, for those in a hurry, available on the eHarlequin (and since Rebecca Winters’ book is now sold out there, a lot of you obviously were!) and Mills & Boon websites.

Now the first books are on the street in the UK and US.

The series tells the story of a fractured family who are spread across the world. The fabulous Bella Lucia restaurants are in London, Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Chelsea, but the Valentine family will take you all over the world. To the US, Australia, Europe. To beautiful Meridia for the coronation of Prince Sebastian, and to the desert kingdom of Q’Arim before bringing you back to London for the final drama. Each book stands alone as a wonderful story, but I know you’re going to want to read them all.

Eight fabulous stories, eight wonderful authors.

This is the logo to look out for on the covers – two books, this month (Rebecca and Rachel are twins!); one a month after that until next February. We’ve put together a special blog/website where you can read what inspired the authors, see the faces behind the characters, read excerpts, view the covers and tell us what you think.

Here are the titles and the authors (don’t forget that they will be available a month in advance of publication on the eHarlequin and Mills & Boon websites):

August: Having the Frenchman’s Baby by Rebecca Winters
Home to the Cowboy by Patricia Thayer
September: The Rebel Prince, Raye Morgan
October: Wanted: Outback Wife, Ally Blake
November: Married Under the Mistletoe, Linda Goodnight
December: Crazy About the Boss, Teresa Southwick
January: The Nanny and the Sheikh, Barbara McMahon
February: The Valentine Bride, Liz Fielding

And to launch the series, my own short story, set in the Chelsea Bella Lucia restaurant, I've written a short story, THE CINDERELLA VALENTINE, which you can read online at eHarlequin. There's a link in sidebar to take you straight to it.


allyblake said...

Read "The Cinderella Valentine" Liz and it was gorgeous! And a great excercise in getting a full-blown romance in 5000 words or less. Phew!

I only wish I could keep reading...


Liz Fielding said...

I could have written an entire book on those two, Ally. I do plan to use "Bella Maria" in my Italian book -- once I've got a grip on the one I'm writing -- I haven't updated my Zokutou worm because I've been going backwards!

And I still have the first three openings that didn't quite make it. Of course people might just get tired of books that start in restaurants.

Sharon J said...

I love the sound of "Married Under the Mistletoe" although Linda Goodnight is a new name to me. I'll have to put her on my list of authors to try.

Nicola Marsh said...

You've done a wonderful job in creating The Cinderella Valentine, Liz. I loved it!
Really looking forward to this series :)

Anonymous said...

Liz, I read "The Cinderella Valentine" and the excerpt from "The Valentine Bride," and both were wonderful! Jamie