Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's been a while since I updated my newsletters with
what I've been doing.

It's been a busy few months with new books
(A Nanny for Keeps in the UK and
Her Wish-List Bridegroom, in the US)
-- and all the attendant hoopla that involves
-- crammed into a hectic writing schedule.

I finally managed to write The End on the book
due in May and it will be published in the UK
next April as The Five Year Baby Secret.
It has a slightly saga-ish feel to it, with a
centuries old feud, and two generations of
broken hearts to mend. I look forward to
hearing what you think of it.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I met some of you, incredibly briefly, on my
flying visit to the Romantic Novelists' Association
conference in July. No one allowed the transport
difficulties following the appalling events in
London to prevent them getting to Egham an
it was clear that the extra day, for those who
could make it, proved a huge success.

Although I had to leave on Friday evening, after
taking part in the Author Panel, it was obvious
from all reports that the rest of the programme
proved riveting and I hope to see everyone at
Penrith next year.

In a further update on what's happening to the
HarlequinRomance/Silhouette Romance relaunch
in the US next year, I can now tell you that the
new series will be called simply "Romance" and
the first books will be on sale in September 2006.

There are plenty of books before that happens, though.

In November,my novella, The Temp & the Tycoon,
will be issued in a two-in-one Harlequin Romance
with a story by href="http://www.hannahbernard.com">Hannah Barnard
under the title STRICTLY BUSINESS. It has a beautiful cover to
match the New York setting of my story and as soon
as I have my December covers, I'll have the wonderful
Wendy do the autumn update my website.

December is the month when I hope you'll all be buying
yourself a "Liz Fielding" stocking stuffer; something for
a little post Christmas toes-up when you can forget
about cooking and leave the family to help themselves
to cold turkey .

In the US you'll have A NANNY FOR KEEPS – a scarred
giant, a nanny with a broken heart (and an aversion to
chickens) and a 6-year old diva with a designer wardrobe
and an agenda.

In the UK it's time for THE MARRIAGE MIRACLE to
make its appearance. Featuring Sebastian, a banker
who has a problem with fairies, Mattie, a heroine who
fantasizes about being a super-hero and a Christmas
happy-ever-after to go with the season. Mattie made
her first appearance in A Wife on Paper and she
pursued me, relentlessly, until I wrote her a book of
her own. It wasn't easy; some problems can't be cured
by love. I kept ducking the challenge, but she wouldn't
quit and I think the end result proves that she was right.

I've just drawn three names from the list of newsletter
subscribers for signed books; emails are already on
their way to the luckywinners.

Have a wonderful summer.

Warmest wishes

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