Thursday, March 15, 2018

A royal wedding giveaway!

Save the date!

I will be giving away this beautiful royal wedding mug created by William Edwards to commemorate the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry in May.

For a change to win this lovely bone china mug, drop by my Facebook page on 27th March and leave a comment telling me why you'd love to be in St George's Chapel to see this precious moment, or be a guest at the wedding of Hope Kennard to Prince Jonas in the pretty village of Combe St Philip!

The Invitation to a Royal Wedding series is now all available in paperback, btw.


Becky Smith said...

I think a personal visit to St. George's Chapel would be awe-inspiring to see it in person because the photos are really awesome! Being a guest at the wedding in Combe St Philip would be inspiring!

Gigi Hicks said...

Oh, be still my heart to be able to be a guest at the wedding in St. George's Chapel would be wonderful. Such a beautiful place with so much history. The Chapel has seen so many Kings and Queens throughout history. I would be in awe to think that I was in a building that Henry VIII and Queen Victoria walked in. I so, admire these buildings that were built with no modern day equipment. The artisans from those years were simply amazing. There are no words, if I were able to visit and see that large stained glass window in the Knave I know it would bring tears to my eyes. So old and so beautiful. I wold love to be a guest to the wedding because Harry is Princess Diana's son. I was a teenager when Diana married and I watched. I watched again when William wed Katherine. I hope Harry and Megan's wedding will be televised, I will be up watching that one and dreaming I was there.