Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Catching Up...

It's only the 6th June but there's been a heck of a lot going on this month. You won't have missed (I hope!) the fact that Her Pregnancy Bombshell, the first in the Summer at the Villa Rosa quartet, was published at the beginning of the month in the US, UK and Australia. Here are a few things people are saying about it -

"...lovely scenery, interesting characters, and plenty of hiccups along the way... it is a truly delightful read..."

"Very beautifully done, as always Liz never fails to give the warm fuzziness that we crave from a heartwarming beautiful story..."

Her Pregnancy Bombshell by Liz Fielding is a story about trust, hope and the power of love. I was deeply moved by the sincere characters and thought about them even after I closed the book. What really kept me turning the pages though were the deep emotions the author layered into the story. Cleve and Miranda are two people I cared for and if you pick this book up I think you will be touched by their individual journeys too."

Mills and Boon have also made me their "Author of the Month" which has totally made my month - possibly my year!

Finally, there's one of my occasional writing craft posts up on the Romance University site about writing characters the readers will care about and that is here

Right now I'm working on the last chapter of the The Bridesmaid's Royal Bodyguard which will be published later this year by Tule and then I'll be starting on a duet with the uber talented Kate Hardy. Busy, busy year!

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