Monday, February 23, 2015

Affaire de Coeur - It's His Kiss

Do you remember Geli, from Tempted By Trouble and Anything But Vanilla? Well she's in Italy and she's in trouble.

Vettori's Damsel in Distress - that's Vettori over there! - out later this year, has reached the semi-final of the Affaire de Coeur "It's His Kiss" competition!

There's just one week left to vote!

This is my entry - 

‘Like this?’
She caught her breath as he raised her hand and, never taking his eyes from hers, touched his lips to the soft mound of her palm, just below the dressing he’d applied with such care.
‘Exactly like that,’ she managed through a throat that felt as if it had been stuffed with silk chiffon. ‘I’m not sure why it works—’
‘I imagine it’s to do with the application of heat,’ he said, his voice as soft as the second warm kiss her breathed into her palm. Her knees turned to water and her hand slid from his shoulder to clutch a handful of shirt. Beneath it, she could feel the thud of his heartbeat — a slow, steady counterpoint to her own racing pulse. ‘Is that hot enough?’
Was he still teasing? The threatened smile had never appeared but his mouth was closer. Much closer.
‘The more heat,’ she murmured, her words little more than a whisper, ‘the more effective the cure.’
‘How hot do you want it to be, Angelica?’ His voice trickled over her skin like warm honey and his eyes were asking the question that had been there since he’d turned and looked at her. Since he’d put his hand on hers and moved it across the map. Since his “permesso?” Her “prego”—
His hand was at her back, supporting her, his breath soft against her lips and her answer was to lift the hand he’d kissed, slide her fingers through his dark, silky hair. This close she could see that the velvet dark of his irises was shot through with tiny gold sparks, sparks that arc’d between them, igniting some primitive part of her brain—
‘Hot,’ she murmured. ‘Molto, molto caldo…’ and she touched his luscious lower lip with her mouth, her tongue, sucking in the taste of rich dark coffee that lingered there. Maybe it was the caffeine — on her tongue or on his —but as she closed her eyes and he angled his mouth to deepen the kiss, cradled her head, she felt a zingy hyper-tingle of heat lick through her veins, seep into her skin, warming her, giving her life.

You can vote here - it's just a two-click job. The button is just at the bottom of the page. Vettori will love you if you do. :)


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