Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pretty shoes, gorgeous socks...

I'm going to have a little ranty rant...

It's about what happens to you if you're not a standard fit. Nothing major. Just having feet that, over the years, have spread a little and are now wider than standard.

I used to buy shoes from a company famous for providing well made, comfortable shoes for the wide fitting. Pretty shoes. I'm fairly light wearing with shoes (that just means I don't walk anywhere) and they last me a long time. But not forever. But now, when I go to this same manufacturer, I find that all the prettiest styles, all the prettiest colours, are restricted to those with "standard" fitting.

There's this one for instance. It comes in a colour range including black, purple, navy, a very lovely dark green, grey and this very desirable dark red.

I lust after the red. I yearn for it but wait; if you want the "wide" fitting you can only have purple or black. And the black isn't this lush suede, but shiny leather.

Why?  This company built its name on wide fittings. And is there really a bigger demand for this shoe in purple than red? Honestly?

I've written to them and they wrote back suggesting that I look at their other shoes. The decreasingly small selection that they now offer in wider fittings. Which isn't helpful. At all.

And it's not just me. When I go hunting for luscious comfy socks for the dh - who has big feet - I can only get them in the dull colours. Beige, grey, black. If you want the fun red and yellow ones that he loves, tough luck unless you've a standard 8-11

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